Why Should You Have Cats With You in Minecraft?

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Why Should You Have Cats With You in Minecraft?



Having pets in Minecraft has its own benefits. They join you in the game as cute companions who make the journey entertaining and easier.
Cats, among this group, are quite helpful when it comes to scaring away hostile mobs.
They not only scare away creepers and phantoms but can also bestow players with valuable items during a good night’s sleep.

How often does the food in your hand attract a nearby animal in Minecraft? Befriending those little four-legged creatures can go a long way. Cats are among the most beloved creatures of all time. Looking for a way to protect yourself from zombies and other hostile mobs? Want gifts from your pet? Or need a cute companion while exploring the open world of Minecraft? These feline overlords will follow you everywhere. While it is easy to attract these creatures with food, taming them requires more effort. But once you domesticate them, navigating your way through life in Minecraft gets easier. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the importance of taming cats in Minecraft.

Finding Cats in Minecraft

If you wish for a cat to join you on the journey, finding their spawning location is crucial. They are most likely to be found in villages, jungles and witch huts. While these furry creatures are passive looking, they can be tamed with food and become lifelong partners. When you find yourself in an area with cats, having a fish in your hand will attract them towards you. Upon taming it, the cat will start following you around. They can come in handy on many occasions.

Cats Give Free Gifts

If you have been dreaming of a transactional relationship between you and your pet, Minecraft does it right. After taming a cat, it has a selection of gifts that it likes to drop from time to time. This happens only near a sleeping player. It sleeps next to the player and, upon waking up, bestows its owner with any of the following items:

  • Rabbit’s foot

  • Rabbit Hide

  • String

  • Rotten Flesh

  • Feather

  • Raw Chicken

  • Phantom membrane

Protection from Creepers

The creeper mob is well known for inflicting a higher amount of damage on players. Their silent sneak attacks along with striking damage makes them one of the most feared mobs in the game. However, when you have a cat around, creepers shall not dare to disrupt your nighttime exploration. Cats are very helpful as they scare away creepers, ensuring a safe night journey for the players!

Phantoms Do Not Like Cats

Phantoms is another group that cats protect players from. Phantoms are a group of flying hostile mobs that start appearing in the game when the player has not slept for more than three days or has not died once in the game. Cats are your protector when these Phantoms appear in the game to hurt you. Phantoms are afraid of cats and will not attack you as long as a cat is your companion. 

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