Why Did Rocket League Remove Trading?


Why Did Rocket League Remove Trading?

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The Rocket League community is scrambling over a controversial decision by developers to remove item trading in the game.
So, why did Psyonix get rid of item trading in Rocket League? Here's everything you need to know.

There’s no doubt that Rocket League is one of the weirdest games that have taken over the gaming scene in the last few years. It’s a title that combines arcade-style football with cars. It doesn’t make sense, but it works.

However, the community was left in shambles after Psyonix announced that player-to-player trading in Rocket League would be removed on 5th December. The attempt to limit the use of their “owned” assets prompted a backlash from the Rocket League community.

Many players are still left wondering - Why Did Rocket League Remove Trading? 

If you’ve been thinking the same, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore why one of the most iconic features was removed from Rocket League.

Rocket League: Why Was Trading Removed?

Rocket League, truly the ultimate adrenaline-pumping car football game, has undergone a significant transformation that has left the entire community in a state of shock and dismay. In Season 13, the game removed the option for players to trade items, completely shattering Rocket League’s economy, which was based on buying and selling in-game cosmetics.

Why Did Rocket League Remove Trading?

So, why did Rocket League remove trading? Well, the main reason behind the removal of this feature is developer Psyonix’s desire to get in line with Epic Games’ policy on in-game cosmetics and item shop policies, where players can’t trade, transfer, or sell items. Basically, any items in your Rocket League account are now bound to it, and there’s no way you can sell them.

Psyonix stated that the trade removal isn’t just about aligning with Epic Games’ policy; Rocket League will now also bring its vehicles to other titles under Epic Games, creating a sense of cross-game ownership. Last week, it was announced that Rocket Racing is coming to Fortnite, and players can get their Rocket League cars in the game. This kind of integration between multiple Epic Games titles gives us a glimpse into the potential of a gaming “metaverse”, a concept that was brought up by Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeny.

It’s being pitched as a positive move, but it could also force players to spend more money on the in-game shop in order to get their hands on their desired items. Psyyonix stated that the in-game ‘trade-in’ system will still remain as a way to make use of cosmetics players don’t want. However, it certainly gives less value than you potentially could get trading it with someone who actually wanted it. That’s not all; even the ‘Swap Meet’ achievement you could get for trading is no longer available for players to earn.

The removal of trading in Rocket League and related achievements is truly disappointing, but Psyonix still has room to improve the game and features, including trade-ins. 

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