Who Is Triggered Insaan?


Who Is Triggered Insaan?

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Triggered Insaan is a popular YouTuber, who posts rants, story times, reaction videos, and commentary videos.
He also has a second channel called Live Insaan where he livestreams games on a regular basis.
In this article, we will take a deeper look at who Triggered Insaan is and learn more about his life.

With the influx of several roasting channels in the Indian YouTube space, one YouTuber has managed to create a flexible room for himself, Nischay "Triggered Insaan" Malhan.

He is one of the most popular YouTubers in India who rose to fame on the platform due to his relatable engagement style with the audience as well as his family-friendly roasting videos.

Nowadays, Triggered Insaan enjoys immense fame and a loyal fanbase, present on both YouTube and Instagram. He has collaborated with various YouTubers, especially his brother, who goes by the name Abhishek "Fukra Insaan" Malhan.

His primary channel focuses on roasting content, comedy skits, and fun challenges. His gaming livestreams can be found on his second channel, known as Live Insaan.

Here is a detailed look at who Triggered Insaan is, where he comes from, how he started, and his rise to internet stardom.

Who Is Triggered Insaan?

Nischay Malhan, popularly known as Triggered Insaan was born in the capital city of India, New Delhi. After completing his Electronics and Communication Engineering from the prestigious IIT Delhi, Malhan switched to YouTube. After crossing 100,000 subscribers, he made the bold decision to quit his job and focus on YouTube full-time.

His fans enjoy his content due to the relatability of his art as well as the fun story times he does regularly. His videos focus on day-to-day happenings in the meme culture as well as any significant social media phenomena.

  • Real Name: Nischay Malhan

  • Gamer Tag: Triggered Insaan

  • Date of Birth: 14th November 1995

  • Age: 29 years

  • Location: New Delhi, Delhi

  • Channel Start Date: 17th July 2014

  • Career Age: 2014 - Present (10 years)

Triggered Insaan is well known for his playful banter with the social media sensation Dhinchak Pooja. Since he started on YouTube, he has made several videos on her.

His second channel features a plethora of games, including Resident Evil, Spiderman, and more. However, games like Minecraft and Granny are the ones that helped him amass a wide audience for himself.

Triggered Insaan and YouTube

Triggered Insaan started his YouTube journey in 2014, settling on the name after a long trial and error. He began recording videos late at night, while he was working at his second job. Eventually, he decided to go full-time after hitting 100,000 subscribers.

His gaming content, especially Minecraft, along with collaborations made him popular. People enjoy his funny style, as well as his relatability factor, especially after he has opened up about his struggles with academics and the immense pressure.

Triggered Insaan on his YouTube channel. 

Triggered Insaan Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular YouTube videos on his livestreaming channel, which goes by the name Live Insaan.

  1. Granny Ke Saath Chilling!! Learning Granny 3 - 13 Million Views

  2. I Built the Best Modern House in Minecraft [Avengers Smp] - 12 Million Views

  3. The Scariest Game Ever!! Phasmophobia - 10 Million Views

  4. Among Us Hide and Seek!!! - 9.3 Million Views

  5. Building My Ambani Ka Ghar in Minecraft Survival (Minecraft Live) - 9.1 Million Views

Triggered Insaan Social Media

Triggered Insaan does livestreams almost every day on his gaming channel, Live Insaan. His relatability and frank humor, coupled with his charismatic persona, have earned him a loyal fan following.

He also interacts with his fans on social media, engaging with them, and invites his family members to join in on his videos. This is something that his fans enjoy, allowing them to get a glimpse of his personal life.

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