Who Is Krutika Plays?

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Who Is Krutika Plays?


Krutika Plays is an Indian female YouTuber who plays games like Battleground Mobile India (BGMI).
Her real name is Krutika Ojha and she is pretty famous in the Indian gaming space, streaming on both YouTube and Loco.
In this article, we will take a look at who Krutika is, where she comes from, and where she stands today.

Krutika "Krutika Plays" Ojha is one of the most popular female gamers in India. She is well known for her Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI) gaming streams.

It was not easy for her when she started out, however, Krutika managed to amass a huge fan following due on the back of her gaming skills coupled with her smooth engagement with the audience.

Her gaming content and livestreams across YouTube and Loco are fun and light-hearted. Here is a detailed look at who Krutika Plays is, where she comes from, how she started, and her rise to fame over the years.

Who Is Krutika Plays?

Krutika Ojha, popularly known as Krutika Plays is a prominent Indian YouTuber with a loyal fan following. She started her YouTube channel in 2016, but began posting three years ago, in 2020. Her oldest video shows her PMIS journey, with impressive gameplay.

  • Real Name: Krutika Ojha

  • Gamer Tag: Krutika Plays

  • Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Age: Unknown

  • Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

  • Channel Start Date: 4th July 2016

  • Career Age: 2020 - Present (4 years)

Krutika Plays constantly collaborates with other Indian female creators on YouTube, bringing in engaging content for her audience to consume. She posts gaming content, challenges, collaborations, vlogs, and much more.

She is also part of the Indian gaming and esports organization called S8UL.

Krutika Plays and YouTube

Krutika Plays has managed to craft a significant space on YouTube for herself. While her channel was made in 2016, her oldest video was posted just three years ago. Despite starting slow, she has come a long way. She has around 794,000 subscribers at the moment.

Earlier, her content revolved only around gaming and championship highlights. But, as she got more comfortable in front of the camera, she also started capturing her life moments through vlogs.

Then, she moved on to uploading different, entertaining challenges with other YouTubers as well as her friends. And now, she posts a mixture of such content, expanding her audience.

Krutika Plays Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular YouTube videos on her YouTube channel, Krutika Plays.

  1. Krutika Reacting On Mamba Simping | Kaash Boxing Challenge - 1.7 Million Views

  2. These Omegle Videos are Getting Intense| Krutika Reacts - 1.3 Million Views

  3. S8UL Boys Guessing GIRLS Secret Products - 1.3 Million Views

  4. The Great Mamba *Roasted* | Epic BGMI Fun w @PAYALGAMING and @8bitMAMBA - 1.3 Million Views

  5. The Ultimate Trashtalk *Super Angry* - 1.1 Million Views

Krutika Plays Social Media

Krutika Plays has been constantly growing in her YouTube journey as she collaborates with other YouTubers to play games like BGMI. This is one of the games that worked for her and skyrocketed her YouTube career. She constantly joins hands with other female YouTubers like Payal Gaming and Kaash Plays to bring something new for her audience.

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