Who Is Kronten Gaming?

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Who Is Kronten Gaming?


Kronten Gaming is a popular YouTuber who rose to prominence with his videos on PUBG Mobile.
He is the founding member of the popular esports organization, Godlike Esports, bringing in significant influence across the gaming industry.
Here is a look at the man behind the screen, how he started, and where he stands right now.

Kronten Gaming, also known by his real name Chetan Chandgude, is a prominent YouTuber famous for his gaming livestreams. He has a vast following of over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

He has carved out a niche for himself in the gaming community with his unique style of commentary. His YouTube career primarily took off due to his PUBG Mobile livestreams. However, after the game was banned by the Indian government, he conveniently switched to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Here, we will dive into the man behind the scenes, getting to know who Kronten Gaming is, where he comes from, how he started, and his rise to the top over the years.

Who Is Kronten Gaming?

Kronten Gaming is from Pune, Maharashtra in India. He has made a significant mark in the world of gaming and esports not just within India but globally. He is the founder of the popular Indian gaming and esports organization, Godlike Esports.

His journey in the gaming world began on 4th March 2018 when he began streaming PUBG Mobile for the first time on his channel. Since then, he has garnered a loyal fanbase, entertaining them with his livestreams and other forms of content.

  • Real Name - Chetan Chandgude

  • Gamer Tag - Kronten Gaming

  • Date of Birth - Unknown Date, 1997

  • Age - 27 years

  • Location - Pune Maharashtra

  • Channel Start Date - 26th February 2018

  • Career Age - 2018 - Present (7 years)

Kronten Gaming and YouTube

Kronten Gaming started his journey in 2018. Before that, he had another channel named Clash with Kronten. He was able to amass around 117,000 subscribers on that channel before moving to Kronten Gaming. His current channel has 2.04 million subscribers.

He has also done a lot of charity streams to help those in need. In 2019, after the tragic Pulwama attack, he did a charity livestream, amassing a whopping INR 2,20,000 which went to the families of the affected victims.

He is also the founding member of the popular Indian esports and gaming organization Godlike Esports.

Kronten Gaming Social Media

Since 2022, he has taken a step back from gaming and has been focusing entirely on his gaming organization. He livestreams here and there, welcoming and onboarding new members in the company.

His fanbase enjoys watching him play BGMI, as his approach to the gameplay is more rush-based and aggressive. This amounts to a lot of good entertainment for his audience.

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