Who Is Kaash Plays?

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Who Is Kaash Plays?


Kaash Plays is a popular Indian female gamer with more than one million subscribers on YouTube.
She constantly collaborates with other YouTubers, bringing massive traction to her channel.
In this article, we will take a who Kaash Plays is and how she built a successful career for herself in the gaming space.

If you are familiar with the Indian gaming space, Kaashvi "Kaash Plays" Hiranandani is a name you must have definitely come across. She is attached to other big names in the Indian gaming landscape, including Tanmay "Scout" Singh, Nishaant "Willy Gaming" Williams, Harmandeep "Mavi" Singh, and more. Her livestreams are fun-filled and exciting.

Players enjoy watching her livestreams due to her light-hearted nature. She regularly collaborates with her friends to create content that keeps viewers hooked. She is one of the fastest-growing Indian female YouTubers, thanks to her BGMI livestreams.

Here is a detailed look at who Kaash Plays is, where she comes from, how she started, and where she stands today.

Who Is Kaash Plays?

Kaash Plays, originally known as Kaashvi Hiranandani, is one of the most popular female gamers in India. She rose to prominence with her livestreams on YouTube playing Battleground Mobile India.

She started out during the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming her BGMI gameplay on YouTube and soon rose to fame. She currently has 1.18 Million subscribers on YouTube with a loyal following.

  • Real Name: Kaash Hiranandani

  • Gamer Tag: Kaash Plays

  • Date of Birth: 28th April 1997

  • Age: 26 years

  • Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Channel Start Date: 24th May 2020

  • Career Age: 2020 - Present (4 years)

Kaash Plays uploads a variety of content on her YouTube channel, ranging from gaming to vlogs and challenges. She also collaborates with famous YouTubers like Scout, which brings her massive traction.

Kaash Plays and YouTube

Kaash Plays started her YouTube journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. She began livestreaming her BGMI gameplay on YouTube, bringing her a lot of traction. Being a female gaming YouTuber has brought its challenges for her. She has fought a lot of stereotypes to get where she is.

She currently has 1.18 Million subscribers and a loyal fan base. She is part of S8UL, an Indian gaming esports organization.

Kaash Plays Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular videos on her YouTube channel, Kaash Plays.

  1. Kaash Reacts Episode 1: Guess the Age Challenge - 1.3 Million Views

  2. I Made @S8ULSID Become A Standup Comedian !!​ - 871 Thousand Views

  3. I Went Bald... - 813 Thousand Views

  4. Getting Bullied by @sc0utOP for 2 Years - 768 Thousand Views

  5. I Dare You - Episode 1 ft @SnaxGaming - 685 Thousand Views

Kaash Plays Social Media

  • Vlog Channel - Kaashvi | 192 Thousand Subscribers

  • Instagram - kaaashvi | 1.1 Million Followers

  • Facebook - Kaash Plays | 8.5 ThousandFollowers

Kaash Plays is one of the most influential female YouTubers in the Indian gaming space. Her viewers enjoy watching her livestreams due to her fun-filled and lighthearted nature.

She is continuously expanding her YouTube channel and is an inspiration for Indian women who aspire to be gamers.

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