Who Is Goldy?

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Who Is Goldy?


Goldy is a popular Indian YouTuber who is also an active investor in the gaming esports organization S8UL and 8bit.
Apart from gaming and investing, he is also an avid sneaker head, often sharing his sneaker collection with his audience.
Here is a detailed look at who Goldy is, where he comes from, and where he stands today.

Lokesh "Goldy" Jain is a prominent figure in the Indian gaming industry. He goes by the alias 8bit Goldy and is a popular YouTuber and a skilled gamer. He has a stake in S8UL, an Indian esports organization, which makes him a notable influencer in the Indian gaming community.

Coming from a strong business background, Goldy wanted to establish a business of his own. He started by joining Team 8bit and then he cofounded another gaming esports organization called S8UL with Mortal (Naman Mathur) and Animesh Agarwal (Thug).

Goldy has had stellar business experience, which helped him build a strong foundation for this organization. Here is a detailed look at who Goldy is, where he comes from, how he started, and his rise to internet stardom over the years.

Who Is Goldy?

Goldy is a popular Indian YouTuber who is affiliated with S8UL and 8bit. He is one of the three people who started the Indian gaming and esports company called S8UL.

He also makes videos for the S8UL YouTube channel. In 2022, S8UL won a big award for its content. Goldy Bhai, along with Mortal and Thug, got the Content Group of the Year award. Before this, they were honored with other titles such as the Global Impact on Mobile Gaming Award and Esports Content Creator of the Year.

  • Real Name: Lokesh Jain

  • Gamer Tag: Goldy

  • Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Age: Unknown

  • Location: New Delhi, Delhi

  • Channel Start Date: 20th November, 2013

  • Career Age: 2020 - Present (4 years)

Goldy and YouTube

Goldy started his YouTube journey by posting videos on Valorant. The first video featured Goldy and his funny Valorant gameplay, titled '101 Ways to Die in Valorant'. This video gained much traction, amassing over eighty thousand views.

Currently, he has 860,000 subscribers on YouTube. Apart from being a co-founder for S8UL, he is also an active investor in 8bit, founded by Animesh Agarwal.

He has collaborated with various YouTubers over the years. This includes prominent figures like Scout, Kaash Plays, Mavi, and even popular Indian cricketer, Yuzvendra Chahal.

Goldy's videos are humorous, light-hearted, and entertaining. Apart from YouTube, he has also contributed to the Indian gaming industry by participating in various international tournaments for games like PUBG.

Goldy Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular YouTube videos on her YouTube channel, Goldy.

  1. PRANK CALLED @sc0utOP *He Raged!* | Gucci Unboxing & More | 8bit Goldy - 4.4 Million Views

  2. Goldy Bhai vs SOUL Regaltos • Roast War Continues | BGMI Highlights - 1.8 Million Views

  3. The Ultimate Roast within S8ul House | Highlights | 8bit Goldy - 1.6 Million Views

  4. Roasting Sc0ut with Kaash *Epic* - 1.4 Million Views

  5. Savage Trolling by the Chat | Funny BGMI Highlights - 1.4 Million Views

Goldy Social Media

This was everything you need to know about Goldy. Apart from being a gamer and YouTuber, he is also an avid investor and a well known sneaker head.

He often makes videos on his sneaker collection, letting his audience take a sneak peek into his other interests and hobbies apart from gaming.

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