Who is GamerFleet?

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Who is GamerFleet?


GamerFleet is a popular YouTube gaming livestreamer who has around 3.79 million subscribers on his main channel.
Along with this, he also runs two other YouTube channels, that cater to vlogging and lifestyle videos.
GamerFleet was born in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, and primarily focuses on Minecraft and Fall Guys.

If you have been engaging with the Indian gaming landscape, you might have surely heard of Anshu "GamerFleet" Bisht. He has emerged as one of the most popular gamers with his videos gaining massive traction among the Minecraft and Fall Guys player base.

With over 3.67 million subscribers, he leads a fan base of both gaming enthusiasts as well as those interested in his daily life through his vlogs. GamerFleet has a diverse gaming portfolio and has managed to build a healthy community over the years.

Here is a detailed look at who GamerFleet is, where he comes from, how he started, and his rise to internet stardom over the years.

Who is GamerFleet?

Anshu Bisht popularly known as GamerFleet was born in Haldwani, the largest Kumaon city, in Uttarakhand. He is an Indian YouTuber, well known for his interactive livestreams as well as gaming content.

  • Real Name - Anshu Bisht

  • Gamer Tag - GamerFleet

  • Date of Birth - 25th February, 1999

  • Age - 25 years

  • Location - Haldwani, Uttarakhand

  • Channel Start Date - 24th January, 2017

  • Career Age - 2017 - Present (8 years)

He started making videos on YouTube seven years ago from 2017 onwards, beginning with his very first video on Farcry Primal.

It took a while for GamerFleet to garner a loyal following, catching massive traction in 2020 during the pandemic. During this time, his fame rose to a new high, opening various doors of opportunities for him.

Apart from his main gaming channel, GamerFleet also has two other channels, where he posts vlogs and some more gaming content, respectively.

Since 2020, GamerFleet has continued to enjoy popularity in the Indian gaming content creation space, having collaborated with several notable personalities like Carry Minati, Tech Burner, Samay Raina, Tanmay Bhat, and more.

GamerFleet and YouTube

GamerFleet's livestream gaming channel revolves around playing Minecraft and Fall Guys predominantly. However, he has also experimented with other games from time to time. These include popular games like Among Us, Resident Evil, Pokemon Unite, among others. He also shares a lot of comedic content revolving around reacting to memes.

People enjoy watching GamerFleet for his entertaining livestreams as well as insightful take on strategies around Minecraft, Fall guys, etc.

He is the only Indian livestreamer who was added to the list of top YouTube streamers by peak viewers in October 2023, with other prominent gamers like iShowSpeed.

GamerFleet Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular YouTube videos on his livestreaming channel, which goes by the name GamerFleet.

  1. Getting Beaten By My Sister | Brain Out - 5.6 million views

  2. Reacting To My Old Videos | GamerFleet - 5.3 million views

  3. Funniest Memes Of Sourav Joshi Vlogs - 5.2 million views

  4. CarryMinati Visited My Kingdom | Minecraft Highlights - 5.2 million views

  5. A Story No-One Asked | GamerFleet - 3 million views

GamerFleet Social Media

GamerFleet has participated in various tournaments as well. His latest video centers around trolling Lillyville members in Minecraft, a series run on his livestreaming YouTube channel. Each video lasts around an hour on average.

He has had a lot of success in recent years and continues to expand his audience by bringing different elements to his channel. This includes comedy as well as collaborations with other YouTubers.

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