Who Is Dynamo Gaming?


Who Is Dynamo Gaming?

Aditi Joshi
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Dynamo Gaming is a popular Indian male YouTuber from Mumbai, Maharashtra.
He is one of the most influential gamers in India who started with PUBG Mobile and then shifted to BGMI.
Here is a detailed look at who Dynamo Gaming is, where he comes from, and his rise to internet stardom.

Aadil "Dynamo Gaming" Sawant is a 28-year-old Indian male gamer on YouTube. He started his channel by playing many games like Dota 2, Battlefields 1 to 4, Apex Legends, GTA V, and many other, however, he only rose to fame once he switched to PUBG Mobile.

After being unable to garner an audience for PUBG PC, Dynamo Gaming shifted his channel to PUBG Mobile which worked in his favor. He was able to gain massive traction on his YouTube channel simply due to the popularity the mobile title was enjoying at the time. After the game was banned, he shifted to other games like BGMI.

Here is a detailed look at who Dynamo Gaming is, where he comes from, how he started, and his rise to internet stardom over the years.

Who Is Dynamo Gaming?

Born as Aadil Sawant, Dynamo Gaming rose to fame with his videos on PUBG Mobile. When he first began his YouTube journey, the channel was called Dynamo. However, the name was later changed to Dynamo Gaming.

  • Real Name: Aadil Sawant

  • Gamer Tag: Dynamo Gaming

  • Date of Birth: 18th April 1996

  • Age: 28 years

  • Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Channel Start Date: 24th March 2015

  • Career Age: 2015 - Present (9 years)

After PUBG Mobile was banned throughout India, in 2020, Dynamo Gaming swiftly made a switch to other games like Battleground Mobile India (BGMI).

Dynamo Gaming and YouTube

Embarking on this journey was not easy for Dynamo. Initially, he was not able to bring an audience to his videos or livestreams. However, as he began playing PUBG Mobile, the audience found its way to his channel. He began sharing his gameplay, tips, and tricks as well as his experiences, with the people in his lobby.

Apart from gaming, Dynamo also shares glimpses of his life in the form of lifestyle vlogs on his channel. He also shares his experiences going to other countries with his fans. He has a second channel dedicated to this.

Dynamo Gaming has a whopping 9.97 Million subscribers and a very loyal fan following. He also went viral for his popular catchphrase "Patt Se Headshot" during a PUBG livestream. This culminated in a viral moment that was turned into a song by him as well.

On his second channel, Dyno Vlogs, he shares another side of his life. He has 549,000 subscribers there. Here, we can find him collaborating with his friends and other YouTubers, engaging in challenges, and sharing fun-filled content.

Dynamo Gaming Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular YouTube videos on his channel, Dynamo Gaming.

  1. Hustle Bustle | The Story of Dynamo Gaming - 12 Million Views

  2. Hacker Killed Dynamo Gaming | PUBG Mobile Season 5 New Hacker | Full Gameplay of a Hacker - 7.3 Million Views

  3. My Dream Gaming/Streaming PC | Dynamo Gaming Setup Tour - 5.3 Million Views

  4. PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 Unboxing Video | Dynamo Gaming - 5 Million Views

  5. Dynamo Gaming Reborn | My Life Story & Journey | Must Watch - 4.7 Million Views

Dynamo Gaming Social Media

Dynamo Gaming has established himself as one of the most influential gamers in the Indian gaming landscape. His fan following keeps growing as they follow him on his journey.

He has also represented India at various prestigious gaming tournaments for PUBG Mobile. His fans enjoy watching him for his light-hearted yet informative content on games like BGMI.

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