Who Is Dobby?

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Who Is Dobby?


Deepanshi "Dobby" Rawat is a popular female gaming streamer and content creator on YouTube from India.
She is currently 27 years old and livestreams games like Battlegrounds Mobile India while interacting with her viewers.
Let us take a detailed look at who Dobby is, where she comes from, how she started, and her rise to internet stardom over the years.

Deepanshi "Dobby" Rawat is a popular female gaming streamer and content creator on YouTube from New Delhi, India. She rose to popularity with her interactive livestreams and engaging content, based around the of gaming.

While she joined YouTube in 2016, her videos started being uploaded only two years ago. She rose to prominence for her gaming insights as well as clever gameplay.

Dobby is currently a content creator for one of the most popular gaming and esports organization from India called Godlike Esports.

Who Is Dobby?

Born as Deepanshi Rawat, Dobby's rise to YouTube fame was fueled by her witty gaming commentary, partnerships, and entertaining content. Her YouTube channel is called Dobby is Live, where she creates and uploaded gaming content on a regular basis.

Not only is Dobby known for gaming streams but also her on fleek fashion game on Instagram.

  • Real Name - Deepanshi Rawat

  • Gamer Tag - Dobby is Live

  • Date of Birth - 18th March 1997

  • Age - 27 years

  • Location - Delhi, India

  • Channel Start Date - 16th November 2017

  • Career Age - 2019 - Present (6 years)

Dobby on Instagram

Dobby and YouTube

While Dobby joined YouTube in 2016, she only started posting videos in 2022. Her first video was posted on 10th March 2022. In this video, she can be seen enjoying Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Dobby usually gives insightful gaming commentary with hilarious quips, making her content engaging and easy to understand.

Currently she has 282,000 subscribers on her channel. Her audience is gradually growing, allowing her to expand to other avenues as well. Apart from gaming, she has also posted vlogs on her channel. She also does hardware reviews.

Dobby Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular YouTube videos on her channel, which goes by the name Dobby is Live:

  1. My AORUS x Intel PC Build @AORUSIndia - 614 Thousand Views

  2. Unboxing My Gaming Chair fr. Greensoul - 113 Thousand Views

  3. Epic Chicken Dinner Ft. Family Car W/ @JONATHANGAMINGYT @GiLLnub - 110 Thousand Views

  4. Luckiest Crate Openin Carr - 89 Thousand Viewed

Dobby Social Media

Dobby is liked by the community for her quirky gaming commentary as well as the insights she shares with her audience. Viewers can either find her streaming BGMI or coming up with another content idea for her esports group, Godlike.

She is an inspiration for many Indian female gamers who also aspire to go professional in the field.

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