Who Is CarryMinati?


Who Is CarryMinati?

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CarryMinati is an extremely popular YouTuber known for his gaming content, comedic skits, and roast videos.
He started his career with gaming and now has a dedicated YouTube livestreaming channel called CarryIsLive.
In this article, we will take a look at CarryMinati's career, who he is, and his social media metrics.

Whether you are a gamer or not, we are sure you have come across the name 'CarryMinati' which is the online alias of Ajey Nagar one of the most popular and influential YouTubers in the Indian content creation space.

He enjoys a huge fan following, primarily due to his comedy scripts and commentary videos. However, with his highly popular gaming livestreams, he has been an influential figure in the Indian gaming space as well.

Despite being twisted in several controversies, CarryMinati has emerged with a successful career and a loyal fanbase. Here is a detailed look at who he is, where he comes from, how he started, and his rise to internet stardom over the years.

Who Is CarryMinati?

Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati was born in Faridabad, Haryana. He is an extremely popular Indian YouTuber, with a cult-like follower base and a lavish lifestyle. He is well known for his reaction videos, roasting videos, comedy scripts, and gaming livestreams on his second channel.

  • Real Name - Ajey Nagar

  • Gamer Tag - CarryMinati

  • Date of Birth - 12th June, 1999

  • Age - 25 years

  • Location - Faridabad, Haryana

  • Channel Start Date - 30th October, 2014

  • Career Age - 2014 - Present (10 years)

CarryMinati on his YouTube channel.

CarryMinati's YouTube channel has undergone several phases. He started his YouTube career at the age of 10 with a channel called 'STeaLThFeArzZ', curating videos around the sport of football.

His current YouTube channel was initially known as 'AddictedA1'. In 2015, the channel's name was changed to 'CarryDeol', suggesting a new beginning. Here, he used to upload gameplay footage of popular titles like CS:GO (Counter Strike:Global Offensive), mimicking famous Bollywood actor, Bobby Deol.

Finally, the name was changed to 'CarryMinati'. Along with his gaming content, Nagar also expanded his content to bring in roasting videos as well as comedy skits. These captured the attention of a major audience, bringing in well-deserved success.

CarryMinati and YouTube

CarryMinati has had an interesting relationship with YouTube. His influence in the Indian YouTube space is undeniable. He became the first Indian YouTuber to cross 30 Million subscribers in May 2021 and 40 Million subscribers in August 2023. Currently, he has 41.7 Million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

In 2017, CarryMinati decided to create a separate channel for his gaming content. Given that he started his YouTube career with gaming, he decided to dedicate a separate channel to it. So, CarryIsLive was born in 2017. The channel currently has 12.7 Million subscribers.

Nagar carries out several livestreams on this channel, along with edited videos sharing funny gaming content.

He has also dedicated the livestreams to raise funds during various events, collaborating with other YouTubers to raise awareness and financial funds for those affected during the pandemic, along with flood victims. The latest funds raised by him in 2023 were in support of the victims affected by the tragic Odisha train collision.

CarryMinati Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The following are the most popular YouTube videos on his livestreaming channel, which goes by the name CarryIsLive.

  1. Rip Monitor 2017-2019 | Getting Over It #4 | Carryminati Funniest Moments - 22 Million views

  2. Unboxing a Gaming Beast - Asus Rog Phone 3 - 22 Million views

  3. Omegle Cured My Life - 21 Million views

  4. I Did It - Getting Over It Finale - Carryminati Finish Getting Over It - 17 Million views

  5. Cutest Kid in Pubg - Me Pighal Gaya - Carryminati Funny Highlight - 16 Million views

CarryMinati Social Media

CarryMinati continues to gain massive traction on YouTube and it does not seem like this stardom is fading away any time soon. He constantly goes live on his second channel, interacting with his fans and playing games. His audience enjoys the raw humor he brings to the table, along with his gaming insights.

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