What is the ‘Stuck in Queue’ Error in The Finals? How to Solve


What is the ‘Stuck in Queue’ Error in The Finals? How to Solve

Aditi Joshi
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The Finals is the latest edition to the growing number of first-person shooter games in the gaming arena.
However, just like any other game, it has been undergoing a few minor issues and one of them is the ‘Stuck in Queue’ Error.
Here are a few ways in which you can resolve this issue and continue playing the game seamlessly.

The Finals is a combat-strategy first-person shooter game taking place in destructible environments. This is a new entrant in the ever-emerging world of shooting games and its launch has drawn a lot of attention from FPS (first person shooter) fans. The game show-esque battle royale is a fresh new take to the now-tired Battle Royale genre.

Just like any other game, The Finals is also not immune to minor glitches and bugs. One of them is the 'Stuck in Queue' error which takes place while players are in the queue for matchmaking. If you are experiencing this issue yourself, then you must know how frustrating it can be. Though a majority of these issues can be easily fixed, they can still ruin the gaming experience for players, even briefly.

Here are some methods you can apply to try and get rid of this Stuck in Queue error in The Finals.

Stuck in Queue Error In The Finals Explained

On 23rd December, The Finals developers acknowledged the Stuck in Queue error and noted that players and servers are experiencing bad connection issues and are being disconnected from their matches, only to be put back in a queue.

This seems to be a persistent issue where players find themselves being stuck in extremely long and excruciating queues.

Here are some of the possible fixes you can try to solve the 'Stuck in queue' error in The Finals.

Checking the Game Servers

The first method is to check whether or not the game servers are active. One of the most common reasons as to why you may be experiencing this issue might be due to the server outage. This can happen while the game is undergoing a server maintenance or when an update is underway.

To keep track of whether it is a server issue, you can check out The Finals' social media handles. A glance at the handle's tweets and comments game's tweets will tell you if other players are experiencing the same issue. Simultaneously, it is possible that The Finals may make an announcement regarding the same on its Discord Server.

Restarting the Game

Well, if its not the servers, then it might be just a temporary glitch in the game. You can resolve it by refreshing your device and restarting the game. This is one of the most common methods used to resolve issues in games. And it is popular for a reason.

Checking Your Internet Connection

One reason that you are experiencing the 'Stuck in Queue' error might be due to a bad internet connection. Having an internet connection of low bandwidth can cause you to be stuck in the matchmaking queue for a long time. So, you must check your internet router and if the issue still persists, then consider restarting it.

Re-link Steam and Embark IDs

One common suggestion that has been floated on social media is to re-linking your Steam account to your Embark ID. Several players have stated that this works for this problem. To do this step, navigate to https://id.embark.games/id/ and follow the re-linking process. However, keep in mind that this may not work for everyone.

Try Reinstalling the Game

Well, if nothing seems to work and you still find yourself stuck, you can consider uninstalling the game. And once you do so, you can reinstall it. While this is an old trick in the book, it usually works for all types of games.

If the issue still continues to pester you, you must get in touch with The Finals Support Team to get this issue resolved. As of now, no hotfix has been released by the game. But you can stay vigilant by keeping up with Embark's social media accounts.

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