What is Server Lifetime in LEGO Fortnite?

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What is Server Lifetime in LEGO Fortnite?


The Server Lifetime mechanic in LEGO Fortnite refers to a system that prevents inactive players from staying in servers for too long.
Players can exit and rejoin servers to reset their servers.

The Server Lifetime mechanic in LEGO Fortnite refers to a system where each server is given a limited amount of runtime before it is shut down. The system is meant prevent players from being inactive while keeping the game open. Since LEGO Fortnite servers are are player-to-player (P2P), Epic Games does not want players to waste server uptime while being inactive. If you are an active player, you have nothing to worry about as your game world will not expire.

How to Extend Server Lifetime in LEGO Fortnite

The simplest solution is to refresh the world. All players need to exit the game and return to the lobby. This restarts the server and resets the lifetime timer, giving you several more hours of playtime. You can repeat this process as needed.

To avoid server shutdown due to inactivity, make sure your world is bustling! Encourage friends to join you, rebuild areas, complete missions, and keep things dynamic. The more activity, the longer your server is likely to stay up.

How to Start a New Server in LEGO Fortnite

1. Access the Create World Menu:

  • Launch LEGO Fortnite from within the main Fortnite game.

  • Press up on the D-pad (console) or Tab on your keyboard.

  • Select "Create World".

2. Choose a Save Slot:

  • You'll have up to 8 save slots for different worlds.

  • Select an empty slot or overwrite an existing one.

3. Customize World Settings (Optional):

  • You can adjust options like:

    • Difficulty

    • Building Restrictions

    • PvP Mode

    • Friendly Fire

    • Other preferences

4. Start the World:

  • Once you're satisfied with the settings, select "Start".

  • The world will load, and you'll be ready to build and play!

It's important to note that LEGO Fortnite is still relatively new. Developers are constantly working on improvements and optimizations, so the "server lifetime" issue might be addressed in future updates. It is annoying to exit the game every time you want to refresh the timer and Epic Games just might make refreshing the timer easier for dedicated players.

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