What Are the Triangles in Fortnite Festival

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What Are The Triangles in Fortnite Festival


Triangles in Fortnite Festival refer to pull-off notes or music notes that appear on the musical track in-game.
Occasionally, you'll encounter triangles with a glow or specific symbol. These are special notes that offer additional benefits when hit.

In Fortnite Festival, you will notice some white arrow notes (triangles) on the screen whenever you release a button. They refer to pull-off notes and it is a mechanic that is commonly seen in Guitar Hero games. If you are wondering what these triangles are in Fortnite and what they do, we are here to help you out.

What Are The Triangles in Fortnite Festival?

Music Notes

The most common type of triangle is actually a music note. These notes appear along the musical track in the game and represent the timing points where you need to press your assigned button to hit the note.

The size and color of the triangles can vary depending on the difficulty of the note. Larger triangles are typically easier to hit, while smaller triangles require more precision. Hitting the notes accurately earns you points and contributes to your overall score and performance.

Special Notes

Occasionally, you'll encounter triangles with a glow or specific symbol. These are special notes that offer additional benefits when hit:

Gold Notes: These reward you with bonus points and increase your score multiplier.

Overdrive Notes: These activate your band's Overdrive meter, allowing you to earn even more points and perform special actions like enhanced instrument sounds.

Challenge Notes: These require specific button combinations or actions to hit successfully, granting you even higher rewards.

Fortnite Festival Game Mode Mechanics

Now that you understand how the notes work, here's how you can play music in Fortnite Festival:

Main Stage:

  • Choose a Song: Head to the organ in the center of the room and browse the rotating Jam Tracks or your unlocked music library. Alternatively, use the touchscreen display to pick your desired song.

  • Select your Instrument: Choose from Guitar/Keytar, Bass, Vocals, or Drums using the button shown on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can change instruments between songs for extra versatility.

  • Hit the Notes: Watch the descending triangles ("notes") on the music track and press the corresponding button at the exact moment they reach the bottom line. Aim for accuracy to build your score multiplier and activate Overdrive.

  • Work with your Bandmates: Play with others, communicate and coordinate to hit special notes like Gold Notes and Overdrive Notes for bonus points and enhanced performance.

  • Enjoy the Show: As your band performs, watch your character rock out on stage and the audience react to your skills.

Jam Stage:

  • Gather your Crew: Form a party of up to 4 players to jam together.

  • Pick a Song: Choose a track from the available song list.

  • Select your Jam Loops: Each instrument has their own set of Jam Loops, representing different melodic variations within the song. Choose the loops you want to contribute to the overall remix.

  • Tweak the Sound: Adjust the key and tempo of the song to customize your jam's feel.

  • Start Jamming: Hit the play button and let the music flow! Each player will play their chosen Jam Loops, creating a unique collaborative remix based on individual and combined selections.

  • Experiment and Have Fun: Try different combinations of loops, keys, and tempos to explore the creative possibilities of your jam.

  • Record and Share: If you're happy with your creation, hit record to capture your unique remix and share it with friends.

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