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Waffle Answers For 5th November 2023

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Even though Waffle is considered to be a simpler version of Wordle, it can prove to be a challenging game.
This article will guide you through the Waffle puzzle of the day.

Are you looking for a game like Wordle where all the letters are there but in a different order? If so, Waffle is the perfect game for you! It gives you all the letters necessary to make the word but makes sure to jumble them in a crossword-puzzle style. Your goal is to swap letters around until you reveal all worlds. But there's a catch: you only have 15 swaps and can only change one letter at a time. It's truly a fun and challenging game.

If you're stuck on today's Waffle, we are here to help you. Here are Waffle answers for today. 

Waffle Answers

How to Play Waffle?

You might find Waffle a bit more complicated as compared to other word-based daily brainteasers, but once you're familiar with the challenge, we can assure you that you'll have a lot of fun.

You'll be provided with a scrambled grid of letters in the shape of a waffle, with six words in total for you to figure out. The colors are vital; a green tile means that you don't need to move, a yellow tile means that it's in the word, but it needs to move within that word, and a gray tile means that it's not in the word it's currently in. 

You'll only get 15 moves allotted per game, so you must use your movies wisely to unscramble the words as quickly as possible. 

Today's Waffle Answer for 1st November 2023

We've got a complete list of all the Waffle answers for today to help you complete the puzzle –

  • Word 1: ABBOT

  • Word 2: EXIST

  • Word 3: TAKEN

  • Word 4: AGENT

  • Word 5: BLINK

  • Word 6: TITAN

Yesterday's Waffle Answers

The answers to yesterday's (5th November 2023) Waffle puzzle were –

  • Word 1: CHOKE 

  • Word 2: BATHE

  • Word 3: CADET

  • Word 4: CUBIC

  • Word 5: OPTED

  • Word 6: EJECT

What Time Does Waffle Reset?

By default, Waffle resets at midnight in the GMT time zone. However, you can change this to midnight in your local time zone if that works for you. To do this, you first need to complete your current game of Waffle; otherwise, you'll run into issues. 

It's a perfect schedule if you want to add Waffle to your daily routine for word games. There will always be a new challenge for you to complete every morning after you wake up or one waiting for you as you go through your day. 

So, that's everything you need to know about Waffle answers today. Be sure to keep an eye on this post for daily Waffle answers. 

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