Valve Might Be Giving Away This Iconic Game Next Week

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valve Might Be Giving Away This Iconic Game Next Week</p></div>
Valve Might Be Giving Away This Iconic Game Next Week


With Half-Life's 25th Anniversary coming this week, Valve might give away the game for free on Steam.
While fans wait for Half-Life 3, they can revisit the classic games and relive the award-winning FPS adventures,

There’s no doubt that Half-Life is one of the best PC titles of all time, if not the greatest. Valve’s title was a commercial hit and earned widespread acclaim from critics at the time of its release in 1998. The sci-fi shooter integrates action with a unique storyline, delivering an ultimate gaming experience.

It was Half-Life’s success that paved the way for Valve to introduce Steam and other products. This week, the game is poised to celebrate its 25th Anniversary, and it seems that players will be able to download it for free.

Half-Life Likely to Be Available for Free on Steam Soon

On 16th November 2023, Valve’s Steam was giving Half-Life for free. However, the free copies were removed in an hour, and even the ‘Get Half-Life’ section of the Steam store page was removed.

Even though the game was available for free, there were reports that the option to get Half-Life for free didn’t work at all. The obvious answer to why it was removed is likely an operator error; some Steam staff member just made the deal available sooner than it should have been. It’s most likely that on the game’s 25th Anniversary on 19th November 2023, the game will be made free for players to download and enjoy.

Half-Life usually costs $9.99, making this deal an absolute banger if you want to add a new game to your collection. With how previous Steam deals have worked, it’s expected that as long as you download the iconic shooter before Monday, 20th November 2023, it’s free for you to keep in your library forever.

While Valve seems to be celebrating Half-Life’s 25th Anniversary by making the game free for everyone, many gamers have been hoping for the celebration to get bigger. It’s been two decades, and people are still waiting for Half-Life 3’s announcement, but it seems like the game might never happen. The Half-Life storyline is still unresolved, though fans got a new game in the series with the release of Half-Life: Alyx a few years ago.

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