Ultron Marvel Snap: Card Details, Best Decks & More


Ultron Marvel Snap: Card Details, Best Decks & More

Aditi Joshi
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Marvel Snap is a digital card battler where players can challenge each other and make the best use of their Marvel cards to stay at the top of the game.
One of the rarest cards in the game is the Ultron card which comes with the power to summon four one-cost power drones during the battle.
In this article, we’ll learn more about the card and the best decks to stack your Ultron card in.

Marvel Snap is an electrifying card-battling game created by Second Dinner and published by Nuverse. It features a colorful cast of characters from the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe. The game’s popularity can be attributed to its high-octane pace as well as the inclusion of Marvel characters. These characters come with a variety of skills and abilities that amplify the intensity of the game. 

The game’s core idea is to help you expand your card collection. The more you win, the more cards you amass. And there comes a time when cards like Ultron’s come into the picture. It is one of the most highly revered cards in Marvel Snap, known for its ability to create four 1-Power Drones at each location during the battle. While this ability may not always turn the tables in your favor, it is pretty effective when used correctly. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Ultron Marvel Snap Card as well as some of the best decks that would complement its abilities. 

Marvel Snap Ultron Card: All You Need to Know

Ultron is a Marvel Snap card with a cost of 6 energy and 8 power. It carries the ‘On Reveal: Create four 1-Power Drones at each other location’ effect. This card is part of the Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3) series. The many variants that the card represents include Flaviano, Kim Jacinto, Dan Hipp, etc. 

Some of the important features to know about this card are as follows:

  • Source: Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3) 

  • Artist: Joverine

  • Colorist: Ryan Kinnaird 

These are the ranks of the card, as seen on the Marvel Snap website:

  • Win Rate on Draw - 61.5%

  • Win Rate on Play - 66.1%

The Ultron Marvel card, while quite ineffective, can turn around the game in your favor if used right. However, to do so, one will definitely need to prepare the perfect setup for it. This includes surrounding Ultron with other cards that can disrupt your opponents' gameplay. To do this, you need to know the best decks in which you can place the Ultron card.

Best Decks for Ultron in Marvel Snap

A card like Ultron’s that can fill the battlefield with cost-one drones can be complemented with other cards that either strengthen the drone’s destructive abilities or supplement its capabilities with other attacks. Some of the best decks for Ultron in Marvel Snap are as follows:

  1. Dazzler Deck 

  • Ant-Man

  • Squirrel Girl

  • Mojo

  • Zabu

  • Patriot

  • Debrii

  • Spider-Man

  • Dazzler

  • Ka-Zar

  • Moon Girl

  • Blue Marvel

  1. Ultron Infinity Deck

  • Zero 

  • Ebon Maw

  • Captain America

  • KaZar

  • Blue Marvel

  1. The Hive Mind Deck

  • KaZar

  • Blue Marvel

  • Korg

  1. Patriot Deck

  • Wasp

  • Squirrel Girl

  • Misty Knight

  • Mister Sinister

  • Shocker

  • Mystique

  • Patriot

  • Ka-Zar

  • Blue Marvel

  • Doctor Doom / Onslaught

  1. Ultron Deck 

  • Ant-Man

  • Sunspot

  • Elektra 

  • Iceman

  • Korg 

  • Bishop 

  • Okoye 

  • Cosmo 

  • Shang Chi 

  • KaZar 

  • Blue Marvel

These are some of the decks that you can use. However, remember that the best deck that you will ultimately utilize will warrant customization to some extent. The key to creating decks that work perfectly is to experiment as much as you can!

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