Twitch Streamer Pretends to Be a Hacker and Gets Banned in Modern Warfare 3


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Twitch Streamer Pretends to Be a Hacker and Gets Banned in Modern Warfare 3

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Cheating has always been an issue in Call of Duty titles, even after the launch of Activision's RICHOCHET anti-cheat system.
A Call of Duty streamer was baiting to be a 'hacker' in Modern Warfare, which led to his teammates reporting him and him getting shadow-banned.

It's a known fact that cheating has plagued the Call of Duty franchise for years now. From the early days of Warzone, aimbots and wallhacks alike have become increasingly prevalent. At the end of 2021, developers finally decided to step in. RICOCHET, an anti-cheating system built from the ground up for Call of Duty, was designed to solve that. However, it was only a short time before a few players figured out ways around the system, and things now seem to be even worse.

With that said, a few creators in the community, such as Symfuhny, like to tease their viewers by pretending to hack into CoD games. However, when Bams attempted to do the same while playing Modern Warfare 3, things took a turn for the worse. 

Streamer Gets Banned for Pretending to Cheat in MW3

While playing a public match in Modern Warfare 3 on Shoot House, streamer Bams decided to snap into different directions and pretend to 'track' opponents through walls. His teammates called him a 'cheater,' even though the streamer looked into the sky and locations where enemies weren't present. 

Although the streamer's teammates found it all funny during the match, they turned against him once the game ended and told everybody in the lobby to report Bams. He ended up disconnecting from the CoD servers, and upon checking back, he found out that his matchmaking was limited, which meant he got shadow-banned in-game.

One user commented, "Sh*t like this is actually funny tho, cuz just having game sense and playing the game for so long people always stay in predictable spots, and you get used to it the fact that call of duty can't realize people are good at the game is sad fr."

Another user said, "I mean, that seems like it's working as intended. You're a good player. Then you do something blatant hackers do to 'bait' people. Then they report you in mass. If someone just reviewed the replay, they'd probably agree. Reports are always a huge component to stopping cheating."

It's still unknown if Bams will get a proper ban from the game. If he stops baiting viewers with ‘cheating’ in CoD games, he might get away with this and be able to carry on playing without issues. 

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