Top 5 Minecraft Bending Servers You Need to Try This Year


Top 5 Minecraft Bending Servers You Need to Try This Year

Surya Kumar
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Minecraft’s bending servers allow players to experience all the elemental powers featured in Avatar: The Last Air Bender and similar shows.
Almost all the servers mentioned below provide dedicated game modes allowing you to master your elemental bending skills.

Over the years, Mojang’s popular sandbox has amassed quite a fan following and has earned its way to being the best-selling game of all time. One main reason behind this is the massive community of passionate gamers who have created custom online servers featuring numerous maps and game modes, recreating elements from popular games, shows, and animes.

One such server is BendersMC which allows players to use elemental powers similar to the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender. This server rose in popularity as it provided a unique experience where you can control elements like earth, wind, water, and fire combined with compelling game modes. If you are familiar with BendersMC and you’d like to explore more elemental and RPG combat, here are other such servers, each with its own twist on the genre.

The Best Minecraft Servers Like BendersMC

1. Ethereal Craft

Ethereal Craft

This server combines bending with PvP and PvE combat offering distinctive features for each bending style. Unlike other servers, you are not restricted by pay-to-win features and you are free to use any of the four elemental powers. Ethereal Craft is also one of the best-looking Minecraft servers with its vibrant colors and environmental effects.

Here’s the IP address:

2. Elementum


Join a magic guild and master your bending skills in this RPG server which emphasizes PvE elements. Players can access a dedicated level-up system where they can acquire spells, new skills, and other in-game items which allows them to combine magic and elemental powers. You can also access creative and arena modes if you wish to put your skills to the test.

Here’s the IP address:

3. LasunMC

This newly established crossplay server allows both Minecraft Java and Bedrock players to experience numerous bending powers in its dedicated survival mode where you can uncover dangerous territories and hidden dungeons while using your ability to fend off deadly foes. Apart from that, you also get access to numerous mini-games like Bedwars, Skyward, KitPvP, etc.

Here’s the IP address:

4. Avatar Remastered

Based on popular shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, this server provides you with a Towny mod experience with features like custom bosses, player shops, unique enchants, and specific bending skill ranks. You also get a competitive mode with custom arenas and duels allowing you to climb up its dedicated leaderboard.

If you are a fan of well-known animes like Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, the devs also provide a test server that provides a Naruto RPG style of gameplay.

Here’s the IP Address:

5. MoxMC


If you are looking for faction-based multiplayer gameplay, MoxMC is certainly the right server to hop into. Players can form factions, claim territories, and battle it out with each other to gain ultimate control over their lands. Apart from elemental powers, you can also acquire custom armor and weapons which adds a unique twist to the traditional formula of bending servers.

Here’s the IP address:

Those are all the best Bending Servers that will provide you with an enticing Minecraft experience. Do note that this list is subjective and it is not ranked in any order.

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