Top 5 Games You Need to Play on Apple Arcade

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Top 5 Games You Need to Play on Apple Arcadee


Since its inception in 2019, Apple Arcade has carved a niche for itself in the gaming world with its affordable monthly subscription model. This platform offers an impressive library of games, both renowned titles and hidden gems, all accessible for just $4.99 a month. For those embarking on their Apple Arcade journey, deciding which games to dive into first can be overwhelming. To simplify the selection process, here are the top 5 games you absolutely need to play on Apple Arcade.

Assemble With Care 

Assemble with Care

There are rarely any games that make use of the mobile’s touch screen capabilities to create something interactive and entertaining. But, Apple Arcade’s Assemble With Care has transcended all expectations. Harnessing the untapped potential of mobile touch screens, it has transformed the mediocre tasks of unpacking a bag or repairing a recorder into a meaningful step towards community building. 

Join Maria as a new townie in Bellariva. Her only objective is to fix what is broken and help foster meaningful relationships among Bellarivans. Fix cassettes, tapes, cameras and much more. And while doing so, learn more about your customers. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a standout title on Apple Arcade and a fan favorite. This pop-album-inspired game features a custom-written pop song and a fierce female protagonist on a heart-racing journey at 200 mph. With its smooth, contemporary pop-art motion graphics and futuristic visual style, the game offers a visually captivating experience. Players can fly, ride, glide, and engage in action-packed sequences as they chase after diamonds while embarking on a quest for harmony.

Whether you're riding motorcycles, skateboarding, dancing, shooting lasers, or swinging swords, Sayonara Wild Hearts delivers a unique and exhilarating gaming experience that makes it a must-play on Apple Arcade.

The Pathless

The Pathless is an open-world, mythic adventure game. Join the Hunter as she tries to navigate the new world of a forested island. The symphony of naturalistic visuals and smooth animations elevates the mythical essence of the game, making it almost similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild in terms of the fantasy experience. 

And if it gets too lonely on this open, mystic land, there is an eagle that follows the hunter. It is a valuable addition to this journey to keep up with her at all times. It can be used to explore the open world of the game, solve puzzles and help defeat the darkness that has cursed this land. 

The game offers an indulgent narrative experience, threading the mythical with the adventurous. Bonding with the eagle is a significant narrative move that will heavily influence the rest of your gaming journey. 

Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness defines itself as ‘a full-featured adventure designed around an accessible, minimalist card game core.’ However, it is more than just picking up the right cards. Players must strategize their every move in order to reach the end. The strategy will help them eliminate hurdles standing in the way of their final destination. 

Players can use additional incentives like magic spells and weapons to defeat the monsters that lie underneath. The card stacks are placed so that only the top card is visible. Players must use all cards from the selected stack in order to move forward in the game. This is where the mystery lies. Card of Darkness uses minimalist, hand-drawn animations to provide a cozy gaming experience. 



Mobile RPGs that truly capture the essence of the genre are a rare find, but "Fantasian" emerges as a standout title. Created by the mastermind behind Final Fantasy, it fulfills the fantasy of many mobile gamers by delivering a classic RPG experience with meticulously crafted visuals that dazzle with attention to detail. 

Adding to the allure, renowned music composer Nobuo Uematsu, famous for his work on Final Fantasy soundtracks, contributes his expertise to "Fantasian." The result is a magical world brought to life through layered orchestral music and intricate symphonies, elevating the role-playing experience to new heights.

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