Top 5 Free Mobile Games for Casual Players in India 2024


Top 5 Free Mobile Games for Casual Players in India 2024

Surya Kumar
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This guide will provide you with 5 of the best casual mobile games that are free to play on both iOS and Android devices.
Notable mentions include Pac-Man, Toon Blast, Jetpack Joyride, Nihilumbra, Vector, and Dan the Man.

Mobile gaming has massively grown in popularity in the last decade, beating out the handheld console market by a considerably large margin, mainly due to the convenience of smartphones. Today, mobile gamers have access to over 700,000 titles on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

However, the majority of newly released games are rather fast-paced and cater to the competitive multiplayer audience. If you do not consider yourself a hardcore mobile gamer and prefer to approach gaming recreationally, here are some of the best casual games with relatively simple mechanics that you can enjoy in 2024.

Five of the Best Free Mobile Games for Casual Players in India

1. Stumble Guys

Although it is a multiplayer game, Stumble Guys offers fun and immersive mechanics to keep you entertained. You are placed in a lobby with 31 other players and play through various enticing mini-games. Numerous customization options are offered for your character, and qualifying through each stage and being the last one standing will declare you the winner. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

2. Hill Climb Racing 2

The first entry into the Hill Climb Racing series was incredibly successful and is regarded as one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. Its successor brought numerous improvements to the first game’s physics and mechanics, while still retaining its 2D style gameplay. You can choose between a diverse list of vehicles and traverse through various regions, collecting coins and setting high scores. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

3. Mighty Doom

Mighty Doom from Bethesda encapsulates the Doom experience into a third-person rogue-like shooter. Inspired by Doom Eternal’s collectible toys, players will take control of the Mini Slayer and battle it out against demon threats and ghouls. Besides selecting your weapons and gears, you can also choose from various bonus abilities to aid you during formidable boss fights. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

4. SimCity BuildIt

If playing city-building games gets your creative juices flowing, look no further than SimCity BuildIt. Apart from offering intricate customization options, players can also place historical landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower within their dream city. You must also defend your city against various monsters and fulfill the demands of your citizens, adding another layer of immersion to city-building. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

5. Into the Dead 2

This is the sequel to one of the most successful first-person zombie shooters for mobile devices. Although its combat can be intense and action-packed, it boasts intuitive gameplay mechanics and is fairly easy to understand. The game offers an arsenal of weapons that you can use to get through seven immersive chapters, each boasting varied environments. Into the Dead 2 can also be played offline, which makes it one of the best games for casual players. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

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