Top 5 Free Educational Mobile Games for Children in India 2024

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Top 5 Free Educational Mobile Games for Children in India 2024</p></div>

Top 5 Free Educational Mobile Games for Children in India 2024


This guide will provide you with five of the best free mobile games that provide an entertaining learning experience for your child.
Notable mentions include Lego Duplo World, Pet Bingo, Math Land, and Hocus.

Smartphones have become indispensable tools for accessing entertainment and education in India, especially among young learners. While we’ve already discussed some of the most fun mobile games for your little ones, this guide delves into our top picks for mobile games that will offer your child an interactive and immersive learning experience.

Not only will these games keep them entertained, but they will also nurture essential skills like problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking in imaginative ways. Let’s cut to the chase and dive into our selection of the best educational mobile games for Indian children in 2024.

The Best Educational Mobile Games for Indian Kids

1. Khan Academy Kids (Free)

Khan Academy Kids is an ad-free interactive learning app that offers thousands of educational activities for your children. From learning the English alphabet and practicing phonetics to engaging in fun math games and solving memory puzzles, this app is suited for children aged 2 to 8. Most of its content is tailored to preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary curriculum. Each educational game features animated animals, entertaining your kids while educating them. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

2. Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets (Free)

Bubadu is a developer well-known for making numerous kid-friendly mobile games that aim to teach and entertain your little ones. In addition to educational content like basic English words, math involving multiplication, and jigsaw puzzles, this game also offers a glimpse into the school experience for kids, featuring virtual classrooms filled with cute and colorful animal classmates. The developer also has games that offer immersive virtual experiences for your kids like going to the supermarket, making cakes, and more. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

3. Human Heroes Einstein’s Clock (Free)

As the name suggests, Einstein’s Clock is an educational game that attempts to teach your child the concept of time and everything in between, including the functioning of clocks in our world. The 3D reincarnation of the great physicist Albert Einstein has been done by the masterful Stephen Fry, even offering a dynamic speech system that presumably adapts to your inputs. This game is completely free to experience with no in-app purchases or subscriptions and can even be played offline. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

4. What’s in Space? (Free)

This intuitive educational game offers a journey to outer space with its games and enticing animations. Through its narrative texts and illustrations, your kid can learn about the Solar System, its planets, asteroids, rockets, and more. It also features immersive mini-games that teach about Astronauts, allowing them to build rockets, follow the stars in the constellation, and more. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

5. Code the Robot. Save the Cat (Free)

This educational game by developer Learny Land will help your child familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of programming. Its easy interface is specifically designed to be appealing to children and it intuitively teaches basic programming concepts like loops, functions, conditions, and more. The game helps strengthen logical thinking, thanks to offering numerous levels of puzzle-solving. Here’s the download link for iOS and Android.

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