Top 10 Street Fighter Games of All Time

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Top 10 Street Fighter Games of All Time


Here are our picks for the best Street Fighter games of all time in no particular order.
Street Fighter II is arguably the most iconic title in the franchise but Street Fighter 6 has come close when it comes to replicating the iconic game’s charm.

Street Fighter is one of the most iconic and enduring fighting game franchises in the history of video games. Over the years, numerous titles have been released, each with its own unique features and improvements. While opinions on the best Street Fighter games may vary, here are our picks for the top ten best Street Fighter games in history.

Best Street Fighter Games, Ranked

1. Street Fighter II

This game revolutionized the fighting game genre and is often considered as one of the greatest video games of all time. Various iterations of Street Fighter II, such as "Street Fighter II Turbo" and "Super Street Fighter II," added new characters, moves, and gameplay mechanics, making them all-time classics.

2. Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is a must-play title and is easily one of the best games that released in 2023. The Battle Hub is one of the biggest innovations the franchise has ever seen and it is a joy to experience all of the arcade-style goodness of the 80s and 90s in a modern format.

3. Street Fighter III

Third Strike: Known is for its deep and technical gameplay, Third Strike is a favorite among competitive players. It introduced the "Parry" mechanic, which allowed players to negate attacks and counter with precise timing.

4. Street Fighter Alpha 3

This entry in the Alpha series features a wide roster of characters and introduced the "Custom Combo" system, allowing for unique combos and strategies.

5. Street Fighter IV

A return to 2D gameplay with 3D character models, Street Fighter IV revitalized the series for a new generation. It featured a diverse roster and striking visuals.

6. Street Fighter V

Continuing the tradition of competitive fighting, Street Fighter V introduced V-Triggers and V-Skills to add depth to gameplay. It has been continually updated with new characters and content.

7. Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha

This spin-off introduced 3D polygonal graphics to the series while retaining 2D gameplay mechanics. It's a unique and memorable entry.

8. Ultra Street Fighter II:

The Final Challengers: An updated version of Street Fighter II for the Nintendo Switch, this edition includes new characters and a first-person mode. It's a nostalgic favorite for many fans.

9. Street Fighter Alpha 2

Building upon the foundation of the first Alpha game, this installment refined gameplay mechanics and introduced additional characters.

10. Super Street Fighter IV

Arcade Edition: An expansion to Street Fighter IV, this version added new characters, balancing changes, and improved online features.

Honorable Mention: Street Fighter X Tekken

A crossover with the Tekken series, this game combined characters from both franchises in a unique fighting experience. While the game itself was not as great as the other titles on the list, the collaboration between the two legendary franchises is what made it a blast to play for fighting game fans.

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