Titanfall Fans Lash Out on Netflix’s Upcoming Movie “Atlas”, Starring Jennifer Lopez

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Titanfall Fans Lash Out on Netflix’s Upcoming Movie “Atlas”, Starring Jennifer Lopez</p></div>

Titanfall Fans Lash Out on Netflix’s Upcoming Movie “Atlas”, Starring Jennifer Lopez


Netflix recently unveiled a trailer for their upcoming Sci-Fi titled “Atlas” starring Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, and Sterling K. Brown in some of the lead roles.
Gamers and fans of the Respawn-developed Titanfall franchise heavily criticized the trailer, stating that it is a “blatant rip-off” of the game.

Netflix recently uncovered a new trailer for their upcoming film titled “Atlas”, directed by Brad Peyton, renowned for movies like “San Andreas”, “Journey 2 The Mysterious Island” and the TV show “Daybreak”. Starring Jennifer Lopez in the lead role, this Sci-Fi action movie is scheduled to release on the platform on 24th May 2024.

What piqued the interest of numerous gamers is the striking similarity of the trailer to Electronic Arts’ critically acclaimed FPS franchise, Titanfall. As a result, the Atlas trailer has garnered negative attention, predominantly due to its seemingly lackluster plot and allegations of plagiarising concepts, with many calling it a blatant Titanfall rip-off.

Titanfall Fans Call Out Resemblances in Netflix’s Atlas Trailer

Numerous discussions have surfaced across various social media platforms where fans of the game pointed out major “references” seemingly taken from Titanfall. Set in the future, the movie’s premise appears to follow the story of Agent Atlus Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez), an outstanding counter-terrorism analyst with a deep mistrust of AI. However, things take a turn when she is assigned a Mech (similar to BT in Titanfall) integrated with an AI named Smith.

She reluctantly begins her mission to save all of humanity from Harlan (Simu-Liu), a rogue AI robot whom she has spent years hunting down. Immediately, numerous similarities to EA’s action-adventure FPS become evident. The uncanny resemblance extends beyond the identical appearance of the Mech (Titans) and even includes certain voice lines as pointed out by one fan who stated that the Titanfall 2 callouts are glaring. They added:

"Smith: 'My primary protocol is to keep you alive' / BT: 'Protocol 3: protect the pilot'

Smith: 'You're going to need to trust me' / BT: 'Trust me' *yeet*

I wish they had just obtained the IP and made the story about BT and Jack Cooper though, this looks pretty lame."

In addition to the seemingly run-of-the-mill plot, many criticized the trailer, suggesting that Jennifer Lopez is hilariously miscast in this movie.  “She looks like a middle-aged woman who is strapped inside a robot.”, stated one gamer in a Reddit thread

Although J-Lo is undeniably a talented actress, a movie like Atlas appeals to a vastly different audience compared to the genres she has typically starred in. While this seems to be the current opinion, the true verdict will only emerge once the film premiers on the streaming platform on 24th May 2024.

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