These Are the Best and Worst Survivors in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre currently has five survivors who are given unique abilities apart from their general attributes.
This tier list places Leland at the top of the list as his Life Saver ability comes in handy during clutch situations.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by developers Sumo Nottingham is all set to release on 18th August for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Many fans are highly anticipating the arrival of the game as it attempts to put a twist on the multiplayer co-op horror genre which was popularized by titles such as Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th: The Game, etc. If you are looking forward to the game and you want to know about the victims who faced and survived the most horrifying killers, we have a tier list that will rank them from the worst to the best. Let’s take a look at them.

Best and Worst Survivors in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Being a victim of the terrifying acts of the Slaughter family means that you must use your wit and stealth abilities to get stay out of the family’s reach. The game has a total of five victims so far namely Connie Taylor, Leland McKinney, Sonny Williams, Julie Crawford, and Ana Flores. Each of these characters has unique abilities apart from having attributes such as Toughness, Endurance, Strength, Proficiency, and Stealth.

S Tier

Leland: Leland absolutely tops the list by bringing one of the best abilities featured in the game. His signature ability called the Life Saver allows him to bump charge a family member which stuns them. Players can use Leland to get out of deadly situations by using his ability for themselves or for the other survivors.

A Tier

Julie: Julie brings an ability called Ultimate Escape which upon being activated, makes you undetectable by any of the killers. Coupled with significantly reduced stamina drain while sprinting, she can really come in handy during clutch situations.

Ana: In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ana is considered to be the fearless leader. This has certainly reflected in her ability called Pain is Nothing which significantly reduces the damage taken from killers and also increases her resistance to fall damage. She also has a buff that allows her temporary immunity against poison which will overwhelm killers who choose to play Sissy.

B Tier

Connie: While other survivors need to use the unlock tool to pick locks, Connie has an inherent Focus Ability that will allow her to pick locks much faster than the others. However, this comes with a tradeoff, as using the ability drains her stamina and also removes the family proximity warning(while the ability is active).

Sonny: The game portrays Sonny as an intellectual, giving him an ability named Heightened Senses. This offers players a situational awareness buff, highlighting anyone near them who makes any amount of noise. Although this ability sounds intriguing, it does not really transfer very well in-game. This places Sonny at the bottom of our list.

Please note that this list only mentions the characters currently present in the game. Sumo Nottingham will certainly continue to add more characters to the game, nearing its 18th August release date.

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