The Top 10 Pokémon From the Animated Series


The Top 10 Pokémon From the Animated Series

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Here are our picks for the top 10 Pokémon based on their impact in the animated series.
The most iconic Pokémon is undoubtedly Pikachu, who journeyed with Ash since the early days of the series.

In the Pokémon anime series, certain Pokémon have garnered special popularity and attention due to their appearances and significant roles in the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his friends. While opinions on the "top" Pokémon in the anime may vary, here's a list of 10 Pokémon that have left a lasting impact on fans through their appearances and interactions in the animated series:

Top 10 Pokémon in the Animated Series 


As Ash's loyal and iconic companion, Pikachu is the face of the Pokémon franchise. Its journey from a stubborn and uncooperative starter Pokémon to a powerful and beloved partner has made it the most recognizable Pokémon in the anime.


Ash's Charizard is one of the most well-known and beloved Pokémon in the series. Its character development, starting as a disobedient Charmander and eventually becoming a powerful and reliable companion, has endeared it to fans.


Mewtwo's profound presence in the first Pokémon movie, "Mewtwo Strikes Back," and its philosophical musings on the nature of Pokémon made it a memorable and thought-provoking character in the anime.



Ash's Greninja is notable for its unique Bond Phenomenon, which allowed it to synchronize with Ash and gain an extra level of power during battles. This special connection and its impressive battles have made it a fan-favorite.


Ash's Lucario, introduced in the Diamond and Pearl series, was a powerhouse in battles and played a significant role in several story arcs. Its strong bond with Ash and its unique aura-sensing abilities set it apart.


Ash's Squirtle, known for leading the Squirtle Squad, was a charismatic and mischievous Pokémon that played a recurring role in the series. Its return to assist Ash in various adventures was a heartwarming aspect of the show.


Ash's Bulbasaur, the first Pokémon he caught in the wild, was a loyal and strong companion. Its determination and leadership qualities made it a fan-favorite.



Ash's Infernape was a standout in the Diamond and Pearl series, known for its passionate and emotional battles. Its backstory and personal growth endeared it to fans.


The wild Snorlax that Ash encounters and later captures in the Johto region became a comical and memorable addition to his team. Its humorous interactions and its role in solving various problems made it a fan favorite.


Dawn's Piplup, featured in the Diamond and Pearl series, was known for its spirited and often comical personality. Its endearing moments and development as a strong battler made it a beloved character in the anime.

These Pokémon have left a significant impact on the Pokémon anime series, whether through their character development, memorable story arcs, or their ability to connect with fans on an emotional level. The anime has helped bring these creatures to life and build a deeper bond between viewers and these beloved Pokémon.

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