The Fungle Map: All You Need to Know About the New Map in Among Us


The Fungle: All You Need to Know About the New Map in Among Us

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Among Us recently announced the release of a new map in September’s Nintendo Direct.
The map, called The Fungle, is finally out, and it looks promising. It is a portmanteau of Fungus and Jungle.
This is a stark deviation from the previous maps which centered around a more technical, electric, and sci-fi aesthetic.

Among Us is a cosmic whodunnit that was released in 2018 as an obscurely indie game that rose to massive, unprecedented popularity in 2020, when the world was indoors, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among Us is a social murder soiree, where among the innocent swarm of crewmates is one impostor. Players must identify the impostor before they slaughter all the crewmates. 

The game has continually tried to revamp its bug system to provide a hassle-free user experience, and along with it, the game has also introduced a range of maps. The latest addition to this series is 'The Fungle' map. Fans have been waiting for this map for a long time, and in September’s Nintendo Direct Showcase, Innersloth finally made the announcement of a new map. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what The Fungle is all about and everything you need to know about it. 

Among Us Launches New Map 'The Fungle'

The Fungle: The New Map

Among Us has continually introduced new maps, with the Skeld being one of the most popular among them. After that, other maps like MIRA HQ, Polus, and Airship were introduced. However, these maps follow the theme of a very sci-fi, corporate setup, which seemingly slowed down the excitement surrounding the game due to its monotonous nature. 

But then, Among Us decided to make a dynamic comeback with a nature-themed map on the planet known as The Fungle, a portmanteau for Fungus and Jungle. This is a planet surrounded by mushrooms, where the crewmates have tasks that are way different from the previous sci-fi, technical, and electronic tasks. 

This unique setup features tasks involving survival, providing a unique experience for players. They will find themselves preparing food from harvested plants, marking a stark departure from the previous clean and high-tech tasks. The new tasks are essential to adapting to the unique environment of The Fungle.

The Fungle was released on 24th October 2024.

The Fungle Map for Among Us

Recently, Innersloth unfurled the trailer of its latest map, the Fungle. The funky, pop-style graphics feature the Among Us crewmates crashing into a mushroom planet. 

The trailer gives insight into a number of tasks in the game, including carrying heavy stones, throwing away garbage, playing frisbee, lifting weights, and more. Alongside, it also offers new ways to disguise the deed by impostors, showing smoke bombs that shield the deed, or changing the outward appearance of the crew members to confuse the lobby. 

This map was created by a game designer named Dave Tamayo, who had an even more perilous idea in mind during the initial stages of making the map. According to Epic Games, Tomayo initially thought that “parts of the jungle would actually move. This made the jungle feel alive and dangerous because the movement made for great impostor hiding spots to kill and hide bodies in.” However, the team had to scrape that plan because it would become a little too asymmetrical, giving imposters an added advantage. 

But, even with how it turned out, this looks like a promising map—an obvious deviation from the previous ones, reviving the Among Us community and springing them back into action.

The community response has also been positive, as fans expressed their excitement whilst sharing their experiences of the map. Many say that the zipline is a fun addition that makes the game more exciting, while others are ready to wear their imposter costumes and slaughter crewmates in a different setting.

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