The Finals Update 1.10.0 (29 Feb): New Game Mode, Free Rewards, Community Event


The Finals Update 1.10.0 (29 Feb): New Game Mode, Free Rewards, Community Events

Some more stuff to grind and unlock.

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A new update was released for The Finals today on 29th February 2024 consisting of new events, UI improvements, and bug fixes.
The Finals also underwent a significant performance optimization especially for Xbox Series S models.
Players also have the opportunity to grab two free rewards, one directly through the game and the other through Twitch.

The Finals Update 1.10.0 is out and it brings along a lot of stuff for the players to enjoy including two new events, plenty of gameplay-related fixes, overall UI improvement, performance optimization, and sharing of knowledge with the community about certain known issues.

Smoking Guns is the first event introduced to The Finals. It will run a new game mode on a new map variant of Monaco and also offer a new skin as a reward for completing certain objectives.

As for the second event, it is the first-ever collaborative event where all players from around the world will be trying their best to complete a common task.

Read on to find out complete details about these two events along with the full patch notes.

The Finals Update 1.10.0 (29 Feb 2024): Complete Details

Updates for The Finals are quite irregular but the developers are listening to the community's feedback and improving things to make the game function more smoothly.

The Finals Patch 1.10.0 is a significant update that was released earlier today 29th February 2024, Thursday. It brings a lot of content for players to enjoy and some quality changes to improve the overall gameplay.

Smoking Guns Event

This event follows an 'Old West' theme where players will be duking it out like proper gunslingers and outlaws on a new variant of Monaco but with limited loadouts at their disposal.

A new game mode called Single Round Tournament will be introduced to The Finals which was a fan favorite during the early days of the game's beta testing.

In this game mode, four teams of three players each will compete against each other in a single round, making for some intense action and genius outplays.

A special contract specific to this event has also been launched which upon completion shall reward players with the High Noon Noir Outfit.

Collaborative Community Event

This update brings along the first-ever community event for The Finals where players from around the world will need to work in unison to collectively cash out $250,000,000,000 within a week.

If the community is successful in achieving this feat within seven days then everyone will receive a special reward while a few lucky ones will also get a t-shirt as well.

The Finals Twitch Drop

A weapon charm called Chamber Chum is also being given away to players for free by the developers in the form of a Twitch Drop as part of the Smoking Guns event.

This item is available from 29th February 2024, Thursday to 7th March, Thursday and those interested simply need to watch any livestream of The Finals for three hours on Twitch to get it.

The Finals Update 1.10.0: Twitch Drop Reward


  • Fixed an issue with the play again button where it was unavailable at unintended times.

  • Lowered the time for when you can cancel an emote to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds.

  • Fix for an issue with the tournament screen which caused it to get interrupted if you were eliminated just before the transition happened.

  • Fixed a bug where the camera could appear offset in the end of round screens.

User Interface (UI)

  • Fix for the mouse cursor disappearing when using the systems menu while in gameplay.

  • Squad member offscreen indicator will now list name and health instead of a blue dot.

  • You can now equip items directly from the store and equipment page.

  • Fixed one of the issues that lead to multiple skins being equipped to the same gun.

    Note: This issue has caused various error codes for our players, if you’ve frequently encountered issues with TFGE0000, TFSS0007, or other crashes/failures to launch the game please give it a try after updating and let the developers know on Discord if the situation has improved!

Performance and Animation

  • Update to the collision of the ground mesh on Monaco.

  • Fixed more cases where the character deformation would look wrong in squad lineups, such as inwards knees.

  • Improved character mesh deformations.

  • Various shadow quality improvements, especially on lower-quality settings.

  • Optimized system memory usage of the game.

  • Fixed several console-specific crashes, especially on Xbox Series S models.

  • Various improvements to the performance of the game across the board.

Known Issues

  • The anti-virus program 'CrowdStrike' prevents players from being able to launch THE FINALS. If you’re running into trouble launching the game, please check if you have this software installed.

  • The 'Glint Tint' weapon skin is partially broken, resulting in a darker look than normal, the developers aim to solve this by the next update.

  • The Smoking Guns splash screen shows an incorrect end date and time. It reads '28th of February' but the event ends on the 7th March.

  • Las Vegas had issues with players being able to spawn under the sand, so the developers have disabled the sandstorm version of Las Vegas for now.

Most players have completed their battle pass for the current season and the developers have launched a new set of events at just the right time to keep them occupied.

The improved performance due to further optimization across UI and gameplay is a bonus, especially for those playing The Finals through Xbox Series S.

It will be interesting to see how the players respond to the new limited-time game mode and the free rewards.

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