The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Skins, Items, Bundles, Price, Duration, More


The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Skins, Items, Bundles, Price, Duration, More

Here is everything that you can purchase this week.

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There are lots of skins, items, and bundles in The Finals for all players to enjoy that can be purchased through the battle pass or the in-game store.
The Finals Store is one of the best places to purchase cosmetics as it rotates every week offering new things to players.
Here is what The Finals Store has in store for everyone this week from 27th December 2023 to 3rd January 2023.

The Finals is a fast-paced, free-to-play, first-person shooter, developed and published by Embark Studios. It is the latest game doing the rounds in the gaming community and within a month of its release has reached a massive player count of 10 Million users.

Without wasting any time and utilizing this massive surge in popularity the developers have already launched a battle pass for the inaugural season along with a weekly store that is stacked with skins, items, and bundles.

The Finals Store rotates all cosmetics every week, keeping things fresh for all players by offering them something enticing every time they visit.

Here is everything that The Finals Store has in stock this week for everyone, from 27th December 2023 to 3rd January 2024.

New Skins, Items, and Bundles in The Finals Store Weekly Rotation: 30 Dec 2023

The store available within The Finals rotates weekly and Embark always has something new in terms of skins, bundles, and other items, to replace the old ones.

There is a good mix of complete sets, weapon collections, some festive freebies, and a high-tier solo collective that is on offer this week.

The Finals Store this week is available from 27th December 2023 to 3rd January 2024.

Urban Operative Set | 2200 Multibucks

Legendary Items

  1. SKILL.E.D. Racer | Headwear

  2. Totally Unimpressed | Emote

  3. L.E.Downshift | FCAR Weapon Skin

  4. L.E. Decal | Sticker

Epic Items

  1. Lace-Up Knickers | Feet

  2. Weightlifting Gloves | Hands

  3. Gun-Runner Pants | Lower Body

  4. Button-Down Bandolier | Crossbody

  5. Chillaxin' | Weapon Charm

Rare Items

  1. All-Weather Jacket | Upper Body

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Urban Operative Set

Glowy Bones | 2200 Multibucks

Legendary Items

  1. Grin Gleamer | Headwear

  2. Ghoulish Allure | Weapon Charm

  3. Glint Tint | F11 Weapon Skin

Epic Items

  1. Joggers | Lower Body

  2. Kangaroo Hoodie | Upper Body

  3. Chunky Wedge Trainers | Feet

  4. Fingerless Gloves | Hands

  5. Clever Chronometer | Wrist

  6. Get Aheadstone | Emote

Rare Items

  1. Smoldering Sockets | Sticker

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Glowy Bones

Masked Mogul Set | 1600 Multibucks

Legendary Items

  1. The Geomorph | Headwear

Epic Items

  1. Business Blazer | Upper Body

  2. Business Trousers | Lower Body

  3. Derbies | Feet

  4. Pure Gold | Spray

  5. Aureate Aura | Body Paint

  6. Corporate Spin-Off | Emote

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Masked Mogul Set

Mausoleum Medley | 1150 Multibucks

Epic Items

  1. Catacomb Party | SH1900 Weapon Skin

  2. Catacomb Party | AKM Weapon Skin

  3. Catacomb Party | Flamethrower Weapon Skin

  4. Trippy Trinket | Weapon Charm

Rare Items

  1. CR.I.P.TIC Tribute | Spray

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Mausoleum Medley

Season 1 Starter Pack | 1150 Multibucks

Legendary Items

  1. Never Evanesce | V9S Weapon Skin

  2. Never Evanesce | AKM Weapon Skin

  3. Never Evanesce | M60 Weapon Skin

  4. 1150 Multibucks | Currency

Rare Items

  1. Starting Lineup | Sticker

  2. With Love | Gestures

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Season 1 Starter Pack

Holiday Spirit Set | 1000 Multibucks

Legendary Items

  1. Non-Ugly Xmas Sweater | Upper Body

Epic Items

  1. Reindeer Revelry | Headgear

  2. Candy Cane Rouge | Body Paint

Rare Items

  1. Elf Boots | Feet

  2. Sleigh Shorts | Lower Body

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Holiday Spirit Set

Call The Clock | 800 Multibucks

Legendary Items

  1. Call The Clock | Watch

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Call The Clock

Tactical Tidings Set | 0 Multibucks (Free)

Legendary Items

  1. Festive Firepower | Frag Grenade Weapon Skin

Epic Items

  1. Ho Ho Hat | Headgear

  2. Stocking Stuffer | Weapon Charm

Rare Items

  1. Deck The Halls | Sticker

The Finals Store (30 Dec 2023): Tactical Tidings Set

The Finals Currency: Price and How to Buy

Every game has its virtual currency that players use for all the in-game transactions and purchases. The one used in The Finals is called Multibucks which can be bought by players using real money.

Price of Multibucks in The Finals

  • 500 Multibucks - $4.99 | INR 415

  • 1,150 Multibucks - $9.99 | INR 830

  • 2,400 Multibucks - $19.99 | INR 1,660

  • 6,250 Multibucks - $49.99 | INR 4,150

  • 13,000 Multibucks - $99.99 | INR 8,300

The skins, items, and bundles mentioned above are only available for seven days and will be replaced by new cosmetics on 3rd January 2024, 11:30 PM IST (11:00 AM PT, 8:00 PM CEST, 9:00 PM GMT, 3:00 AM KST).

Usually, the shop resets every Wednesday, maybe a day ahead or behind depending on your region. Nonetheless, this can be used as a reminder to keep a check on The Finals Store rotation every week or just come back for a quick sneak peek.

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