The Finals Season 2: Release Date, Weapons, Gadgets, More


The Finals Season 2: Release Date, Weapons, Gadgets, More

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The Finals Season 2 is out now, bringing along lots of new and exciting stuff.
This includes new gadgets, weapons, as well as a new map, bringing a twist to the game.
Here is everything you need to know about the second season of The Finals.

The Finals has finally released its second season. After a successful launch of the game in December 2023, players have now embarked on a new journey. The Finals Season 2 looks promising as it introduces a bunch of exciting stuff, keeping players hooked to the game.

There are new gadgets, a new map, and a lot of improvements in the game. Here, we will take a look at everything that you need to know about The Finals Season 2 including its release date and all the new stuff that it has brought with it.

The Finals Season 2: Complete Details

Release Date

The Finals Season 2 was released a few days ago, on 14th March 2024, Thursday. The first season naturally ended on the same day, allowing the next season to continue ahead.

With the new season, the new battle pass has also been released. According to the battle pass, the second season will last a few months, coming to an end on 11th June 2024. However, till it ends, players can enjoy all the goodness of the new season by unlocking new gadgets and playing on the new map.

What is New in The Finals Season 2?

In Season 2 of The Finals, players can enjoy a 96-level battle pass themed around the CNS hacker group and digital vibes. The cosmetics for this season take inspiration from both CNS and other games like Street Fighter and Minecraft.

The battle pass price remains the same this time as well and Embark Studios has assured players that no new gameplay content would be hidden behind paywalls.

The Finals Season 2 has more in store with a new Career Circuit system, offering players specific challenges to tackle during the season. There is also an updated matchmaking system for the ranked mode.

The Finals Season 2: New Gadgets and Weapons

The Finals Season 2 has introduced new gadgets and weapons for the players to use and enjoy.

New Weapons

  • New Light Weapon - 93R Burst Fire Pistol

    Packing a high DPS and 21 bullets, it is ready for action.

  • New Medium Weapon - Famas Burst AR

    This Assault Rifle offers decent DPS and comes with 27 bullets.

  • New Heavy Weapon - KS-23 Slug Shotgun

    Has six bullets and deals a hefty 120 damage per shot. Be wary of damage falloff. Its handling is akin to that of the 1887 Shotgun.

New Gadgets

  • New Light Gadget - Gateway

    Portals up to 70 meters apart can be used by everyone repeatedly. They keep momentum, letting objects and projectiles pass through.

  • New Medium Specialization - Dematerializer

    Comes with three charges to dematerialize and rematerialize props, walls, or roofs. Anyone can pass through them, just remember to turn them back.

  • New Medium Gadget - Data Reshaper

    It changes barrels into different ones and makes enemy gadgets harmless. Plus, it can reshape grenades and RPGs in mid-air, sometimes turning props into barrels.

  • New Heavy Gadget - Anti-Gravity Cube

    It creates an elevator where things float up. Players can move inside with keys, and thrown objects keep going in the same direction.

The Finals Season 2: New Map

The new map making its way into the second season of The Finals is SYS$HORIZON. It is a fresh map with a glitchy style and is super colorful. It also has that cool, destructive design that makes The Finals awesome.

Players can dive into this map and experience the freshness that Embark Studios has promised.

New Map in The Finals

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