The Finals Battle Pass Is Not "Impossible" to Finish


The Finals Battle Pass Is Not "Impossible" to Finish Like Some Media Outlets Say

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Although The Finals has kept a high player count since it's release, some players are complaining that the Battle Pass requires a lot of time to complete.
Is the The Finals Battle Pass "impossible" to finish? Here's everything you need to know.

In the past few years, Battle Passes have become a significant way for many titles to find post-launch financial revenue. The system, which requires players to complete daily and weekly challenges to unlock in-game items at various tiers, has many problems. However, it's the best option for developers to keep delivering quality updates to their work. 

The Finals is a free-to-play shooter that's grabbing everyone's attention. Players are seen to be enjoying the game-show style and the ability to wreck everything in the game, including games. However, there are some issues and controversy from the community with the Battle Pass, which is being called "impossible" to finish.

The Finals Battle Pass Doesn't Take 100-150 Hours to Complete

Just like any F2P title, The Finals needs some way to generate revenue. You can spend real money in the game to purchase cosmetics and Battle Passes. Some players on Reddit complained that the Battle Pass requires too much grinding to complete. These players estimated that you need 100-150 hours of playtime to complete it and claimed that it is "impossible to finish" and "the slowest BP progress ever”. Some gamers agree with the original poster: "I play regularly daily and I'm barely halfway through page 3 lol xp needs a big buff."

The Finals Battle Pass Is Not "Impossible" to Finish

However, that's completely false. Most of the players agree that playing 100 hours during the course of the Battle Pass, which is 90 days, is not special because the game is free to play. SpoolerSkype says, "But, like why is this a problem? Free game, you dont have to own all of the cosmetics? Let the whales send their money down the drain if it means everyone else gets the game for free? 

Another player agrees, stating that it's not dramatic, and there are 70+ days to finish the battle pass: "There's 70+ more days to finish it, if you started at the beginning of the battlepass you can finish it playing 6 matches or so a week (AKA less than two hours a week) playing two to three days a week. And literally playing no more. Even now, you can finish it by playing for maybe 40 of the 70 days and doing the absolute bare minimum"

The so-called issue with the Battle Pass being "impossible" to finish is absolutely not true, as most of the community claims it is doable. If you're looking to get all the rewards from the Battle Pass, you need considerable time to grind it. If you can't put in that kind of work, getting the Battle Pass in any game is not a great idea. 

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