The Best Blade and Sorcery Mods You Need to Install in 2023


The Best Blade and Sorcery Mods You Need to Install in 2023

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Blade and Sorcery allows players to install numerous mods taking advantage of the game’s movement physics.
Notable Mentions include Neck Snap Mod, Time Stop Spell, NPC Spawner Spell, Darksaber Mod, etc.

This single-player VR sandbox has come a long way since its early release back in 2018. Although the game is still in development, it provides a unique first-person combat experience which is unlike most other virtual reality games. It features realistic physics-driven combat which has only gotten better since the title’s inception. 

The game currently allows its players to explore 6 different arena maps, and get the hang of 21 different weapons and five distinct spells that can be wielded against 3 different enemy archetypes. Apart from these features, you can also perform numerous movements like punching, grappling, kicking, jumping, running, unrestricted climbing, etc, which makes it the perfect title for experimenting with enticing mods. Here are some that you definitely need to check out!

Top Blade and Sorcery Mods

Realistic Blood

Realistic Blood

This acts as more of an enhancement mod which as the name suggests, adds simulated blood from wounds, causing a bleeding effect. You will also notice blood dripping off and landing on the environment around you. Stabbing an enemy’s torso will make them bleed from their nose as well as their mouth. This is one of the necessary mods if you wish to add a layer of realism to your game. You can also try the Dismemberment mod which will make it easier to pierce and dismember enemies. It comes with its own difficulty levels such as Easy, Medium, Hard, and Godly.

Here’s the link for Realistic Blood.

Medieval MegaPack (MMP)

The MMP mod adds a wide array of historically themed weaponry and other such objects from various cultures all around the world. One main difference here is that unlike the 21 weapons offered in the base game, players get access to a massive 400 different melees, gadgets, explosives, magic weapons, tools, and firearms. It adds a layer of realism by allowing your enemy to also pick from this epic catalog of weapons.

Here’s the link for MMP.

Thor’s Hammer - Mjolnir

Thor’s Hammer - Mjolnir

This humongous hammer does exactly what the description says. Players are now worthy enough to pick this up and deal massive amounts of damage, completely obliterating their enemies. Apart from its incredible knockback, you can also perform two cool maneuvers. You can hold it up in the sky and send out a lightning slam to kill your enemies. The other method lets you hold onto the hammer’s strap and spin it around until you fly using the triggers. You can also activate homing which will continue to fly around until it is called back, runs out of charge, or leaves no enemies behind.

Here’s the link for Mjolnir.

Spider-Man Web Swinging

As the name suggests, this mod will essentially work as a spell that will help you explore and traverse through maps in a rather unique way. Although it does have a bit of a learning curve, it can be a fun way to swing through various areas of a map. One disadvantage of this mechanism is that your webs will not damage enemies but rather help you deflect fireballs and arrows from them. Regardless of its seemingly archaic visuals, it still provides an exciting VR web-swinging experience.

Here’s the link for Spider-Man Web Swinging.

Kratos’ Leviathan Axe

If you wish to feel like the God of War himself, using this mod will certainly provide you with a glimpse of it. This axe allows you to perform precision strikes which can look brutal when combined with the realistic blood and dismemberment mods. It is pretty overpowered as it easily allows you to kill NPCs with one strike. Similar to Kratos, you can also throw the axe and make it fly back into your hands which will be cool to experience in first person.

Here’s the link for the Leviathan Axe.

The Outer Rim 

The Outer Rim 

This Star Wars-themed mod is probably one of the best mods to ever come out for this VR fighting game. It almost brings the entire Star Wars universe into the title, and that includes lightsabers, Star Wars suits, helmets, etc. It also provides custom maps with NPCs dressed up to match the theme. Apart from customizing your lightsaber, you can also perform higher jumps and activate force fields. This mod is pretty much unmatched in terms of the sheer number of items it adds to the title, transforming it into a VR Star Wars experience, that is highly praised by numerous fans.  

Here’s the link for Outer Rim.

Those are pretty much all the best mods for Blade and Sorcery that you need to check out in 2023. Do note that all of these mods are available in Nexusmods along with instructions on how to install and use them. 

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