Tencent’s DreamStar Tournament Had Two Elderly Women Competitors Aged 68 and 70!

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Tencent’s DreamStar Tournament Had Two Elderly Women Competitors Aged 68 and 70!</p></div>

Tencent’s DreamStar Tournament Had Two Elderly Women Competitors Aged 68 and 70!


“We are proud to defeat a team born after 2000,” says 68-year-old Chang Le.
“I can’t accept that I can’t do anything because of age,” says 70-year-old Kai Xin

DreamStar, a Fall Guys-like party game made by Chinese gaming giant Tencent recently hosted its first Esports tournament in the city of Wuxi, near Shanghai. The event attracted thousands of spectators, including gamers and journalists. In a total of 32 participants, two elderly women made waves at the event, not as spectators but as participants. Wang Wengfang and her teammate Zhang Fengqin defied all stereotypes and showed that age is not a barrier to gaming.

The Two Elderly Ladies Are Members of an Esports Team Consisting of Other Retirees

Wang Wenfang also known by her gamer name Kai Xin, took center stage at a Shangai shopping mall, gathering appreciation from over a thousand spectators and she competed in Tencent’s DreamStar tournament. At the age of 70, she embraced the world of gaming after retiring from working at a judicial institution in China’s Henan province.

In an interview with Shine, Kai Xin mentions:

"Playing games is a pleasurable adventure. It sharpens our minds and reflexes and keeps us up to date with the changing world,", rejecting the notion that age limits one’s capabilities.

She further explains, “I worked on criminal cases, which requires me to be rigorous and meticulous. Therefore, when playing games, I would think about the object and the way to achieve the object and the equipment I need to improve my performance more efficiently.”

Kai Xin was joined by her teammate, Zhang Fengqin, a retired bank employee, who goes by Chang Le in the game. The duo brought joy to the audience, greeting spectators who were cheering them on. They stated that their gaming journey began two years ago at a nursing home in Xuchang City, where they formed an Esports team of seven, including their husbands and other elderly members.

Kai Xin and&nbsp;Chang Le

Lin Huo, the nursing home’s manager, assisted them with creating the team, providing professional gaming equipment, and seating, setting up their accounts, etc. They were introduced to the gaming world, playing games like Tencent’s DreamStar and Riot Games’ League of Legends. Before embarking on their Shangai trip to participate in the DreamStar championship, Kai Xin and Chang Le competed and won several city-level Esports tournaments in Xuchang.

“We are not waiting to be looked after; rather, we are enjoying the golden age. ESports is a platform that makes us happy,” said the duo. Although Esports is widely regarded as a profession for young and upcoming players, stories like these highlight the inclusivity of the gaming community, welcoming players of all ages with open arms.

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