Super Mario Bros. Wonder: All 12 Playable Characters Revealed

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Super Mario Bros. Wonder: All 12 Playable Characters Revealed</p></div>
Super Mario Bros. Wonder: All 12 Playable Characters Revealed


Nintendo Direct

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is scheduled to debut on October 20, 2023, generating immense excitement in the gaming community.
The game's captivating plot centers on Mario's quest to rescue the Flower Kingdom from the clutches of Bowser, featuring six diverse worlds and the central hub, Petal Isles.
The game features a diverse cast of playable characters, including unique gameplay experiences with Yoshi and Nabbit, adding depth to this latest Super Mario adventure.

In an exciting revelation for Mario fans worldwide, Nintendo recently premiered a Nintendo Direct for Super Mario Bros. Wonder which showcased various aspects. Scheduled for a global release on October 20, 2023, the game promises to deliver thrilling adventures, delightful characters, and a captivating storyline that sees Mario and his companions defend the Flower Kingdom against the notorious Bowser, accompanied by Kamek and Bowser Jr. 

While the Flower Kingdom awaits salvation from the clutches of Bowser, let's dive deep into the game's playable characters, each offering a unique gaming experience.

Playable Characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

What truly sets Super Mario Bros. Wonder apart is its diverse cast of playable characters. There are twelve playable characters in the game.

  1. Mario

  2. Luigi

  3. Peach

  4. Daisy

  5. Blue Toad

  6. Yellow Toad

  7. Toadette

  8. Green Yoshi

  9. Blue Yoshi

  10. Red Yoshi

  11. Yellow Yoshi

  12. Nabbit

Unlike previous Mario games, where characters often had unique abilities, this time around, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Toadette all share the same gameplay mechanics. There's no advantage to choosing one character over another, making it a level playing field for all players. This shift in character dynamics encourages gamers to pick their favorite characters based on personal preferences rather than gameplay advantages.

However, the game introduces a refreshing twist with two character types that break away from the standard mold: the Yoshis and Nabbit. The Yoshis retain their classic ability to swallow enemies with his tongue and can flutter jump to reach higher places. While the Nabbit can turn any extra power-ups he finds into flower coins.

But there's a catch—Yoshi and Nabbit cannot obtain any power-up items. However, that disadvantage is offset by the fact that they are invincible to enemy attacks. This unique feature provides a fresh challenge for players looking for a different gaming experience but essentially designates Yoshi and Nabbit as "easy mode" characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

In addition to the extensive roster of playable characters, the game also features key supporting characters who contribute to the storyline's depth and charm. Prince Florian, the ruler of the Flower Kingdom, plays a pivotal role in the adventure, while the Talking Flowers and the endearing Poplins add a touch of whimsy to the game world. And let's not forget about Captain Toad, who is always ready for a daring expedition.

Of course, no Mario game would be complete without its share of adversaries. Bowser, accompanied by Bowser Jr. and the wily Kamek, serves as the primary antagonists, providing formidable challenges and memorable showdowns for players to overcome.

With Super Mario Bros. Wonder poised for its global release on October 20, 2023, gamers and fans of the Mushroom Kingdom alike have every reason to be excited.

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