Steam Deck OLED: Where to Buy, Release Date & Specs



Steam Deck OLED: Where to Buy, Release Date & Specs

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Steam Deck OLED by Valve hit the gaming scene on November 16, 2023 and comes in two versions - 512GB and 1TB.
The 512GB and 1TB versions share impressive specs: NVMe SSDs, HDR OLED displays, and up to 90Hz refresh rates.
Here is everything you need to know about the Steam Deck OLED and how its different from Steam Deck.

Valve's Steam Deck, a leading handheld gaming device, made waves in the gaming community following its 2022 debut. The device recently received an exciting update with the introduction of the Steam Deck OLED, enhancing the gaming experience with a superior OLED display, extended battery life, and several other enhancements.

With the initial success of the Steam Deck, other manufacturers ventured into the handheld gaming market, yet none have matched the prowess of Valve's offering.

Where Can You Buy the Steam Deck OLED in India?

Since the Steam Deck OLED is not officially available on the Steam Store for Indian players, players will have to go through third-party channels to purchase the console.

Some stores that currently stock the Steam Deck OLED are:

Steam Deck OLED: Cost in India

The price for the Steam Deck OLED model varies based on the storage capacity:

  • Steam Deck OLED 512GB: ​​INR 59,990

  • Steam Deck OLED 1TB: INR 67,900

These prices reflect the cost for different versions of the Steam Deck OLED, offering choices between storage capacities. Keep in mind that prices may vary by retailer, and additional costs such as shipping might apply based on your location.

Steam Deck OLED: Release Date

The Steam Deck OLED was launched on November 16, 2023.

Steam Deck OLED: The Two Versions

If you are wondering what is different in the two OLED versions, here are the specs that the two devices boast:

Steam Deck OLED: 512 GB

  • 512GB NVMe SSD

  • 1280 x 800 HDR OLED display

  • 7.4" Diagonal display size

  • up to 90Hz refresh rate

  • 6 nm APU

  • Wi-Fi 6E

  • 50Whr battery; 3-12 hours of gameplay (content-dependent)

  • 45W Power supply with 2.5m cable

  • Carrying case

  • Steam profile bundle

Steam Deck OLED: 1TB

  • 1TB NVMe SSD

  • 1280 x 800 HDR OLED display with premium anti-glare etched glass

  • 7.4" Diagonal display size

  • up to 90Hz refresh rate

  • 6 nm APU

  • Wi-Fi 6E

  • 50Whr battery; 3-12 hours of gameplay (content-dependent)

  • 45W Power supply with 2.5m cable

  • Carrying case with removable liner

  • Steam profile bundle

  • Exclusive startup movie

  • Exclusive virtual keyboard theme

Steam Deck OLED: What Has Changed?

Valve has shared a list of improvements that the new Deck has made. These are as follows:

  • Updated APU to 6 nm for better efficiency

  • Updated memory to 6400 MT/s, improving latency and power management

  • Increased thermal module thickness and performance

  • Increased active area to 7.4″ (from 7.0″)

  • Updated refresh rate to 90Hz (from 60Hz)

  • Updated peak brightness to 1000 nits

  • Updated touchscreen polling rate to 180Hz, improved latency and accuracy

  • Updated WiFi / Bluetooth module

  • Added support for WiFi 6E

  • Added support for Bluetooth 5.3, supporting newer codecs such as aptX HD and aptX low-latency

  • Added third antenna near the top of the device for better Bluetooth performance, including when docked

  • Added support for wake from Bluetooth controllers

  • Improved bass response for an overall flatter sound profile

  • Added support for using onboard microphone array simultaneously with the 3.5mm headphones connector

  • Adjusted analog stick top material and shape for increased grip and dust build-up resistance

  • Adjusted analog stick post material to improve interaction feel with front cover and reduce wear

  • Improved reliability of analog stick touch detection

  • Improved responsiveness and tactility of shoulder buttons switch mechanism

  • Adjusted D-pad snap ratio and diagonal interactions

  • Redesigned trackpad for improved fidelity and edge detection

  • Greatly improved trackpad haptics feel and precision

  • Improved battery capacity from 40Wh to 50Wh

  • Improved battery chemistry for faster charging, from 20% to 80% in as little as 45 minutes

  • Changed charging LED to WRGB

  • Added support for waking up from initial unboxing by long-pressing power button instead of requiring AC power

  • Adjusted power supply cable length from 1.5m to 2.5m

  • Added logo to power supply

  • Reduced total system weight to ~640g, or ~5% less than Steam Deck

  • Rear cover screws now thread into metal

  • Adjusted rear cover screw heads to Torx™, as well as other materials and geometry tweaks on the heads to reduce stripping risk

  • Lowered number of screw types throughout system

  • Reduced step count required for common repairs

  • Improved bumper switch mechanism drop reliability

  • Moved bumper switch to joystick board for easier repair

  • Improved display repair/replacement to not require taking rear cover off

  • Greatly improved memory power management firmware

  • Added preliminary support for open-source BIOS and EC firmware

  • Improved resume time by roughly 30%

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