Starfield's "A Legacy Forged" Quest: To Support or Not to Support Vae Victis

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The decision of whether to side with Vae Victis or not in the quest "A Legacy Forged" embodies the moral complexity of Starfield's storytelling.
This pivotal quest is part of the United Colonies Vanguard faction questline, offering players the chance to decide the fate of Admiral Vae Victis, also known as François Sanon.
Should you side with Vae Victis or not? Let's explore the options and their consequences.

"A Legacy Forged" presents players with a weighty decision that can significantly impact their journey through Starfield. The central figure in this questline is Vae Victis, also known as François Sanon, a character with a dark past intertwined with the devastating Terrormorph outbreak in Londinion.

As players progress through the expansive United Colonies Vanguard faction questline, they are gradually led to this pivotal moment. The narrative leading up to it is rife with plot twists and complex character motivations, making the decision even more challenging.

A Legacy Forged Quest in Starfield

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The "A Legacy Forged" Questline and Vae Victis’ Complicated Past

Understanding Vae Victis is crucial before making a choice. François Sanon earned his ominous moniker, "Vae Victis," which translates to "woe to the vanquished" in Latin, due to a ruthless victory in military training. However, his actions during the Colony War reveal a much darker side.

During the intense conflict between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, both sides resorted to horrifying means of warfare, including the deployment of Xenowarfare, manipulating alien life forms as weapons. The most menacing of these creatures was the Terrormorph, a devastating threat to humanity.

When a Terrormorph outbreak threatened Londinion, a key UC supply hub, Victis, then a UC fleet admiral, faced an agonizing choice. He decided to bomb the Londinion spaceport to contain the outbreak, sealing the fate of many military personnel and civilians, and preventing anyone from leaving the planet.

The Hidden Truth

Contrary to the official UC record, Victis's past is shrouded in deception. Rather than being executed for his perceived war crimes, he was secretly imprisoned beneath the MAST headquarters. UC officials deemed him too valuable to eliminate and sought his counsel in select matters.

Victis's cover-up went further than initially known. He discovered a unique plant on Londinion responsible for the rapid evolution of Heatleeches into deadly Terrormorphs, a fact he concealed from the UC. This dark secret fueled his decision to bomb Londinion and allowed the Terrormorph outbreak to continue unchecked.

A Legacy Forged Quest in Starfield

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The Player's Choice

When players confront Victis with evidence of his cover-up, they have two paths to choose from:

1. Expose Vae Victis: If players decide to unveil Victis's guilt, they present the evidence to the UC Cabinet. This action leads to his condemnation and execution. Players are rewarded with Class One UC Citizen status, generous credits, and a luxurious penthouse. Victis' cell remains empty, suggesting his execution.

2. Side with Vae Victis: Opting to support Victis allows players to keep his secrets. This decision unlocks a hidden questline where they collaborate with Victis to hunt down war criminals. While the rewards are meager, this path raises ethical questions about whether Victis's actions were justified.

The Weight of Your Choices

This dilemma is just one example of the morally intricate decisions players encounter in Starfield. Understanding the lore and considering the perspectives of the game's characters is essential. Players must navigate the complex web of ethics, justice, and self-interest, ultimately shaping their own morality in the vast reaches of Starfield.

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