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Starfield Cheats: The Best Console Commands for God Mode, Legendary Items and More

Abhimannu Das
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Starfield has a console menu that grants you access to cheats that Bethesda has implemented to the game.
The cheats are safe to use and will not lead to bans or prevent achievements from being earned on the Xbox (PC) app or Steam.

Players have discovered a console menu in Starfield that allows them access to the cheats officially. Bethesda has implemented hundreds of codes that allow you to obtain items, level up faster or unlock god mode. These cheats are safe to use and will not lead to any repercussions if you use them. 

It's important to note that these cheats are exclusively available to PC players. Unfortunately, if you're an Xbox player, these cheats aren't accessible to you at this time. There is no official word on the availability of the console menu for Xbox players in a future update either.

How to use Starfield’s cheats

To use the cheats you need to press the Tilde (~) key on your keyboard in-game which will open up the console command. You can use nay of the following codes to unlock the cheats.

Starfield Item IDs

These are all of the important item IDs for the Starfield cheats. We did not include common items that are readily available. All the weapons, equipment and spacesuits are listed below.

  • 0000000F - Credits

  • 0000000A - Digipicks

  • 000547A3 - Breach (Weapon)

  • 0002EB45 - MagSniper (Weapon)

  • 0026D963 - Big Bang (Weapon)

  • 0026D960 - Shotty (Weapon)

  • 0026D964 - Auto-Rivet (Weapon)

  • 0002CB5F - Regulator (Weapon)

  • 0002EB42 - Magshot (Weapon)

  • 0026D96A - Bridger (Weapon)

  • 00000FD6 - Razorback (Weapon)

  • 0026D96B - Coachman (Weapon)

  • 00023606 - Magpulse (Weapon)

  • 0026D96D - Urban Eagle (Weapon)

  • 0026D95D - Sidestar (Weapon)

  • 00065925 - Incendiary Experimental Nishina (Spacesuit)

  • 0007B2B9 - Sentinel’s UC Antixeno (Spacesuit)

  • 0022B8F6 - Repulsing Explorer (Spacesuit)

  • 0013F97D - Peacemaker (Spacesuit)

  • 00225FC9 - Monsterkostüm (Spacesuit)

  • 001F22BC - Gran-Gran’s (Spacesuit)

  • 00065926 - Reactive Experimental Nishina (Helmet)

  • 0010A25E - Incendiary UC AntiXeno (Helmet)

  • 0013F97B - Peacemaker (Helmet)

  • 0001754F - Mark I (Helmet)

  • 001F22BC - Gran-Gran’s (Helmet)

  • 0010A25D - Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno (Boost Pack)

  • 0001754E - Mark 1 (Boost Pack)

  • 0021A86C - UC Shock Power (Boost Pack)

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