Starfield: All Available Editions and Pre-order Bonuses Explained

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Starfield: All Available Editions and Pre-order Bonuses Explained


Bethesda’s highly ambitious space RPG is all set to release on 6th September on the Windows Store, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and also gets day one access on Xbox Game Pass.
The pre-order for Starfield comes with three different editions along with an upgrade to the Premium Edition.

The hype surrounding Bethesda’s upcoming Space RPG (role-playing game), Starfield, is growing rapidly with the game’s official launch taking place in just a few months. Many fans have been waiting eagerly since its first announced release date of 11th November 2022. However, the game release was postponed to make sure they provide gamers with a refined and polished space experience. This shows Bethesda’s attention to quality and detail. Starfield will supposedly feature a whopping 1000 planets spread across 100 different star systems, each of them with their own species, unique weather patterns, and characteristics.

Different Editions of Starfield & Bonuses for Pre-Ordering

Bethesda will release three different editions of Starfield. They are as follows::

  • Starfield Standard Edition

  • Starfield Premium Edition

  • Starfield Constellation Edition

Each version comes with its own goodies, featuring different rewards including the standard edition. Here are the rewards for the Standard Edition:

Players get access to the “Old Mars Skin Pack”

  • Laser Cutter

  • Deep Mining Helmet

  • Deep Mining Pack

Starfield Standard Edition

With the Digital Premium Edition players get access to five days of early access and also the “Old Mars Skin Pack”. It also includes:

  • Shattered Space Story Expansion (after release)

  • Constellation Skin Pack which includes Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, and Boost Pack

  • Starfield Digital Artbook and Original Soundtrack

Digital Premium Edition

Players can also choose to upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Premium Edition to access all of the goodies mentioned above. Furthermore, you can also get a physical Steelbook Display Case and a Constellation Patch upon purchasing the physical version.

Upgrade from the Standard Edition

Lastly, purchasing the physical version of Starfield Constellation Edition provides a variety of items including the “Old Mars Skin Pack” and all of the items that come with the Premium Edition. Purchasing the Constellation Edition will give you access to:

  • Starfield Base Game

  • Credit Stick with Laser-Etched Game Code

  • Shattered Space Story Expansion (upon release)

  • Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet and Boost Pack

  • Access to Starfield Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack

  • Steelbook Case

  • Constellation Patch

  • Starfield Chronomark Watch and Case

Starfield Constellation Edition

There is also exciting news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Following its tradition, Microsoft announced on 11th June that Starfield will be available on day one for all Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox. That is pretty much it for Starfield’s Pre-order bonuses and variations. You can pre-order this much-anticipated RPG here on the Starfield’s Pre-order site.

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