Starfield: All Ammo Types and Weapons that use them


Starfield: All Ammo Types and the Weapons That Use Them

Aditi Joshi
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Starfield offers a great deal of weapons and different ammos that fit them.
New players can have difficulty identifying the right ammos for their weapons and can run out of them pretty quickly.
We have compiled a list of all Ammo types and the weapons that use them.

While players begin their journey in Starfield as miners, they gradually start putting these extractions to use by creating unique weapons. Players need these weapons to defend themselves from any danger that they may come across in their planetary exploration or in open space. 

Here is a guide to help you understand all about the different types of ammo and the weapons that use them. 

Different Types of Weapons and Ammo

The weapons in Starfield can be bifurcated into two types - Physical and Energy. And they use a variety of ammo, which can be tricky to keep track of. This leads to new players running out of ammo very quickly. 

Physical weapons utilize gunpowder, while energy weapons, as the name suggests, utilize different types of energies. They all use distinct ammos and the weapons are not just different in their appearance but in their use as well. To help players identify the types of ammos and their weapons easily, we have compiled a list of them. It is as follows:

Ammo Type

Below we have listed the particular Ammo type followed its respective weapons:

.43 MI


.27 Caliber

Sidestar, Rattler

11mm Caseless

Tombstone, Drum Beat, AA-99

1.5KV LZR Cartridge

Solstice, Ember

.50 MI

Magshear, Magstorm

.50 Caliber

Lawgiver, Hard Target

.43 Ultramag

Urban Eagle, Regulator

6mm MI

Magsniper, Magpulse

6.5mm CT

Maelstrom, Kraken

40mm XPL


3KV LZR Cartridge

Equinox, Orion, Arc Welder

15×25 CLL Shotgun Shell

Pacifier, Experiment A-7, Breach


Shotty, Breach

Caseless Shotgun Shell



Old Earth Hunting Rifle

Light Fuse

Va’Ruun Starshard, Novalight

Heavy Fuse

Eternity’s Gate, Va’Ruun Inflictor, Novablast Disruptor, Big Bang

7.77mm Caseless

Kodama, Grendel, Eon, Calibrated Eon, Beowulf, Advanced Grendel, Microgun


Old Earth Assault Rifle



12G Shell

Old Earth Shotgun





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