Stardew Valley - How To Fix Willy’s Boat and Reach Ginger Island


Stardew Valley - How To Fix Willy’s Boat and Reach Ginger Island

Aditi Joshi
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With Stardew Valley's 1.5 Update comes new locations to explore. One of them is the Ginger Island.
In this article, we'll guide you on how to reach the Ginger Island and the quests that you would have to complete in order to do so.

Stardew Valley’s Update 1.5 has added newer content to the cozy, open-ended roleplaying game. This means more quests, locations and items to uncover! One of them is the recently added Ginger Island. This island has a lot to offer, which makes exploring it an exciting feat. In this article, you’ll be able to find answers to all your questions. Before getting started with fixing Willy’s boat, we’ll take a look at how to unlock this challenge.

Fixing Willy’s Boat

In order to trigger this quest to fix Willy’s boat, players will need to complete the entire Community Center Bundle. After doing so, they will receive a letter from Willy. But, it can take some time—almost two days—for it to arrive. But, you can turn around this situation by using this time to prepare yourself for this quest. Until it comes, you can gather supplies. You will also discover that Willy could open the Fish Sop’s back door, which you will also be able to do now. 

Enter the Fish’s Shop, which is located in the south of Pelican Town, on the docks of the Beach. Here, you will find a damaged boat that requires some fixing along with some gentle care. You will require the following items in order to fix Willy’s boat:

  1. Five iridium bars for the anchor.

  2. Five battery packs to fix the ticket machine.

  3. 200 hardwoods to fix the hull.

It is advised that players continue to stockpile resources throughout the game. Not doing so can elongate any task, such as fixing Willy’s boat. Saving resources puts you at a significant advantage and can take anywhere from days to a few minutes. After collecting all the resources, you can fix the boat, repairing its three parts. And voila! It is ready to set sail for Ginger Island. 

Good things come to those who wait. And wait, you must, for an entire day for the boat to be repaired. And after that, you will be able to use this boat for your adventures to Ginger Island. 

Sailing to Ginger Island

If you wish, you can also carry a watering can with you in order to tackle the Volcano Dungeon, which will get in your way to Ginger Island. You will need to buy a ticket in order to visit. To do so, you must enter the Fish Shop, which is usually open by 8 a.m. Here, you can buy a ticket to Ginger Island for 1,000 gold. 

And now you are ready to set sail to Ginger Island. Enjoy the beauteous sea views and magnanimous skies on your way. 

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