Squad Busters Soft Launch: Release Date, Available Countries, Download Links


Squad Busters Soft Launch: Release Date, Available Countries, Download Links

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Supercell is bringing a new game into town called Squad Busters, a shoutout to the previous Supercell titles.
Players from all over the world can get their hands on Squad Busters on 29 May 2024.
Here is a rundown of the global launch as well the soft launch in a few select countries.

Squad Busters is the next best thing that Supercell has been working on for a while. It reassembles the iconic characters from its own set of popular titles like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars. Not just that, it also allows players to form their own squads and fight against their enemies together.

Players have been waiting for a long time and while the game is set to be released on 29th May 2024, it has already stepped foot in a few select regions.

Squad Busters Soft Launch has allowed players from certain regions get a taste of what is about to come. Here is all the information about this experimental launchof the title in a few regions.

Squad Busters Soft Launch: All You Need to Know

Squad Busters has already been soft-launched in a few countries. This soft launch took place on 23rd April 2024. The countries where the game has already been launched are as follows:

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • Spain

  • Denmark

  • Norway

  • Sweden

  • Finland

  • Singapore

Players from these regions have already embarked on this interesting journey with old friends from other Supercell games.

Squad Busters: Available Platforms

Players can download the game on both Android and iOS. Unlike Brawl Stars, which had two separate launches for the different mobile operating systems, Squad Busters is available for both platforms altogether. This way, players will not feel left out and can experience this game with each other.

Apart from the regions where the game was soft-launched, it is also available for pre-registration. Players can visit their respective application stores and search for the game. Then, simply click on 'pre-register' or 'pre-order' and you are done!

If not, then, you can click on the following links that will take you directly to your respective application store.

  • Click here to pre-register for the game on Android.

  • Click here to pre-register for the game on iOS.

And this is all we know about Squad Busters so far. Pre-registering for the game will allow players to also unlock certain rewards for themselves. And the exciting part is that these rewards are not just limited to Squad Busters but extend to the entirety of Supercell.

Many players are looking forward to seeing the pre-registration rates spice up so that they can enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Crossing more milestones means getting closer to unlocking more rewards. Which is a great way to motivate veteran Supercell players engaged to your new content.

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