Squad Busters is Going Global! Supercell Finally Reveals Release Date

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Squad Busters is Going Global! Supercell Finally Reveals Release Date</p></div>

Squad Busters is Going Global! Supercell Finally Reveals Release Date


Squad Busters

Supercell has finally announced the release date for Squad Busters, representing the company's first major release in over five years.
Squad Busters is a multiplayer game in which ten people compete to collect the most gems. The game's cast features characters from other popular Supercell titles.

It’s a known fact that Supercell has been one of the most successful companies in the mobile gaming market, with only a few other developers achieving the same level of success. The Finnish company is responsible for classics such as Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, which have managed to capture the attention of millions with simple premises and turn them into obsessions. However, Supercell is now gearing up for its next release, Squad Busters. The developers have finally given us a global release date for one of the most anticipated Supercell titles. Let’s take a look at everything we know. 

Supercell Reveals Global Release Date For Squad Busters

Supercell has announced that Squad Busters will be heading to Android and iOS next month. The game was first teased to the community in February 2023 and has had multiple rounds of testing since then. The global announcement comes after a soft launch in multiple regions. While that might seem normal, Squad Busters is the first Supercell game in years that has made it to that point. The last game project that they worked on was the now-cancelled Everdale, which didn’t make it out of the soft launch. 

Squad Busters is all set to launch on 29th May 2024 for iOS and Android. It’s a multiplayer squad-building game for mobile that mashes up all of Supercell’s existing games to form its cast of playable characters. You can take part in 10-person matches and build squads over a four-minute game to get your hands on the most gems! 

The Supercell title resembles your standard MOBA Gameplay, but it is more simplified for casual gamers. The trailer for the game, which is only 30 seconds, explains the entire gameplay. The game’s quick nature aligns with Supercell’s previous games, which can be picked up and enjoyed for a few minutes a day or for hours. The developers are hoping that the game will be a hit among fans. Supercell doesn’t often release games and has the approach of quality over quantity. Clearly, they have put a lot of faith into this upcoming mobile project.

Squad Busters is currently available in a select few regions worldwide as a soft launch before it goes global next month. If you live in Canada, Spain, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, and Finland, you can play the game today. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 29th May!

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