Should You Build a Gaming PC or Buy a Gaming Laptop in India?


Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop

Should You Build a Gaming PC or Buy a Gaming Laptop in India?

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For years, gaming laptops have had the reputation of being massively overpriced, and underpowered compared to gaming PCs. However, these days, the gap between gaming PCs, and gaming laptops is much smaller.
Are you wondering if you build a gaming PC or purchase a gaming laptop in India? Here's everything you need to know!

We all know that gaming rigs aren't one-size-fits-all for Indian gamers. Some people absolutely love ATX towers with RGB lighting connected to a massive curved monitor and a mechanical keyboard. Meanwhile, others with less space and budget restrictions might want a gaming laptop that they can fold up and take anywhere they're not using. At this point, you can have an excellent experience on both gaming PCs and gaming laptops. Both sides have options, whether you choose portability, upgradeability, or affordability. So, should you build a gaming PC or just purchase a gaming laptop in India? Here's everything you need to know to make the right decision. 

Key Differences Between a Gaming PC and Gaming Laptop

Deciding between a gaming PC and a gaming laptop is a conundrum that every Indian gamer comes across when it's time to upgrade their hardware. Obviously, a gaming laptop is more portable than a PC, but would it deliver the same performance? While a gaming PC can be upgraded, will it cost more than a laptop in the long run? With these questions, let's talk, look at the major differences between a gaming PC and a gaming laptop, and figure out what's the best for you.

1. Performance 

When we talk about gaming, performance is everything. You obviously want a system that can play the latest games and applications without slowdowns or lags. Gaming laptops are designed with portability and energy efficiency in mind, so they use mobile versions of GPUs and CPUs. While these components are extremely powerful, they can't compete with desktop versions in terms of graphics and processing power capabilities. A gaming PC with the exact same hardware as a laptop will always outperform it.

However, modern gaming laptops can still deliver a good gaming experience. In reality, the sacrifices in most games will be quite minor, and you're unlikely to care about a few missing FPS. It's still crucial to remember that gaming laptops often overheat, as cooling fans aren't very efficient at moving air around quickly.

2. Equipment and Features

When you purchase a gaming laptop in India, it will mostly come with everything that you're going to need. It comes with integrated speakers, a webcam, a battery, a Wi-Fi card, and so on. However, for a gaming PC, you have the freedom to choose between more. You can customize your gaming PC as much as you want, but you'll need more hardware to get the system running, which can end up adding to the overall cost.

3. Upgradability and Flexibility 

There's no doubt that gaming PCs outright win when we talk about upgradability and flexibility. You can change your PCs whenever you want and build a gaming system that perfectly matches your needs and tastes. While upgradability is limited to RAM and storage with gaming laptops, you can take the system anywhere, and that's a major flexibility. You can play anywhere in your home, not just at your desk. You can even dock next to your monitor for one moment and connect your laptop to the TV next. 

Keep in mind that desktop PCs can sometimes create an upgrade paradox. Upgrading one aspect, such as the GPU, might cause problems in the system, leading to the requirement of a new CPU, which then needs a new motherboard, and so on. 

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4. Portability 

One of the major driving forces behind the incredible popularity of gaming laptops in India is their portability. You can pick up your gaming system, throw it in your bag, and take it everywhere with you. Although some gaming laptops tend to be quite chunky to allow for better hardware and cooling, the overall presence of a gaming laptop is generally much smaller than the majority of gaming PCs.

5. Cost and Value

The final difference between a gaming PC and a gaming laptop is the overall cost and value you'll be getting out of your investment. Typically, a gaming PC will cost you quite less than a comparable gaming laptop. Gaming PCs don't often need as much development as gaming laptops. Gaming laptop manufacturers have to design and put everything in a single package that doesn't overheat and still plays games properly. As time passes, a laptop's performance will start falling behind. Gaming laptops already have an incredible performance gap to gaming PCs, which further pushes down the value of gaming laptops.

Gaming PCs vs Gaming Laptops: Which One You Should Go For?

As you can see, there's no direct answer when we talk about gaming PCs vs Laptops. Thanks to the incredible technological advancements and various factors influencing PC component prices, much of the already accepted wisdom with gaming laptops doesn't apply anymore. 

However, if you don't require the unique advantages of gaming laptops, such as portability and space-saving, you should go with gaming PCs. If you only play PC games at your desk, a gaming laptop doesn't make any sense. It's better to build a gaming PC, especially if you're on a strict budget and want the best gaming performance that can be bought with money. On the other hand, if you're on the move often and want a workstation that can also play games, a gaming laptop is the best choice.

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