Sega Cancels Hyenas Multiplayer Extraction Shooter and Other Unannounced Titles

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Sega Cancels Hyenas Multiplayer Extraction Shooter and Other Unannounced Titles</p></div>
Sega Cancels Hyenas Multiplayer Extraction Shooter and Other Unannounced Titles


Sega has announced that it's canceling the multiplayer shooter Hyenas development at UK Studio Creative Assembly.
Lays offs at Creative Assembly are expected in the wake of Sega's decision to cancel Hyenas and other unannounced titles.

If you were planning on playing Sega’s and Creative Assembly’s Hyenas, we have some bad news for you. Sega is canceling the live-service shooter before the game’s release.

The decision comes shortly after the end of the game’s closed beta period on PC. According to a notice from Sega Sammy, the cancellation is part of Sega’s response to reduced profits from the European region. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sega Cancels Hyenas and Other Games

Announced in June 2022, Hyenas was stated to be a sci-fi space multiplayer FPS that pushed teams of players against each other.Players were tasked with stealing pop culture items and pieces, including Sonic statues and Rubik’s cube. The game wrapped up its most recent beta on 11th September 2023, and weeks  later, Sega and the developers behind the game confirmed that it was canceled. 

“In response to the lower profitability of the European region, we have reviewed the title portfolio of each development base in Europe and the resulting action will be to cancel Hyenas and some unannounced titles under development. Accordingly, we will implement a write-down of work-in-progress for titles under development,” Sega commented.

The unannounced games that have been canceled alongside Hyenas have not been revealed yet. Over on X, the Hyenas development team announced the cancellation of the game, thanking fans for their support. 

In addition to canceling Hyenas, Sega will also implement layoffs at the game’s developer Creative Assembly. The studio tweeted its own separate statement after confirming the cancellation of the game. In it, the developers explained that they had started the “difficult” process of “redundancy consultation”.

“This may, unfortunately, result in job losses,” commented Creative Assembly. 

“While we must go through this incredibly difficult process, we will prioritize supporting our people at every step. For those whose jobs are at risk, we will work to re-allocate them into other available roles within [Creative Assembly] wherever possible, and ultimately minimize any job losses.”

Layoffs and cancellations have been an unfortunate industry trend we’re witnessing in 2023. Epic Games is also laying off 16% of its workforce. It seems like every week brings another wave of firings across different game studios and publishers. 

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