Rumors Suggest Xbox Plans to Bring Its Games to PS5, and Nintendo Switch 2


Rumors Suggest Xbox Plans to Bring Its Games to PS5, and Nintendo Switch 2

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Multiple sources suggest Microsoft is exploring bringing first-party Xbox games to PS5 and the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.
An insider has suggested Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield, Halo, Sea of Thieves, and other Xbox titles will make their way to rival platforms.

Seems like we're about to see a whole new era for Microsoft and Xbox consoles. Over the past few days, rumors have started circulating that Xbox is eyeing a transition into third-party development. The move can lead to some of Xbox's first-party titles making their way to rival platforms such as PlayStation and Nintendo.

Xbox Plans to Go Third Party With Ports for PS5 and Nintendo Switch 2

The speculation surrounding Xbox's shift gained momentum after insights from several gaming insiders. A notable source, known as SneakersSO on the gaming enthusiast forum NeoGAF, has claimed that Xbox plans to go third-party. 

According to the insider, among the rumored titles jumping to rival platforms is Hi-Fi Rush, but it's not the only one. The insider has mentioned that Starfield is another major Xbox title that will be ported by Microsoft, possibly to both PS5 and Nintendo Switch. There is also the possibility of a Halo game, probably the next installment, landing on PS5. While insiders believe this is a less likely scenario for "Halo Infinite," there's speculation the franchise's future might end up going multiplatform. 

Hi-Fi Rush

Microsoft's multiplatform strategy includes titles in development at Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda Game Studios, and Activision Blizzard King. According to insiders, the porting work on several Bethesda titles has already been underway for several months. 

None of the titles from Activision Blizzard King development are rumored to be exclusive to any particular platform. Additionally, Xbox Game Studios' unannounced titles are allegedly being developed for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch 2. 

Xbox's Strategy to Opt for Multiplatform Development 

If Microsoft is actually planning to port Xbox titles to rival platforms, it marks a shift away from the traditional console wars. It looks like Xbox wants to broaden its reach across the entire gaming landscape and reshape the landscape of gaming exclusivity. Going third party could be the first step in shifting away from console hardware and focusing more resources on software and game development. There's also a chance that Microsoft could potentially abandon or sell the Xbox console business altogether. That would help Microsoft establish broader partnerships with third-party studios for exclusive franchises.  

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