Roblox: Tower Heroes Codes for October 2023


Roblox: Tower Heroes Codes for October 2023

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Tower Heroes is one of the most played tower-defense games on the Roblox, bringing exciting and engaging gameplay.
Who doesn't like free rewards? With our Tower Heroes Codes, you can secure some insane boosts for your character.

If you're a Roblox player, you definitely know about Towers Heroes. It's a tower defense game like no other, allowing you to place towers to fight off enemies trying to attack your base!

Its vastly different tower mechanics and appearance set it apart from other games, and with so many adorable creatures as both towers and enemies, you would never stop playing!

To make sure you look your best as you battle through the masses, here's our list of Tower Heroes codes. 

Roblox: All Towers Heroes Codes October 2023

Tower Heroes is a fast-paced Roblox game that involves several enemies approaching you from all sides as you attempt to defend your base. If you're in need of help, using codes is a great way to unlock free skins, stickers, and coins, which can be used to dress up your towers and purchase new ones. 

All Active Roblox Tower Heroes Codes

Here's a list of all active Tower Heroes codes working in October 2023- 

  1. Valentine2023—Enter this code for the Cupid Quinn

  2. RDC2022SPIN—Enter this code to claim Wuffle, Byte, and Chirp Stickers

  3. KARTKIDPLUSH—Enter this code to claimKart Kid Plush Sticker

  4. pizzatime—Enter this code to claim Skin and a Sticker

  5. FRANKBDAY—Enter this code to claim Funny Birthday Frank Skin

All Expired Roblox Tower Heroes Codes

  1. 4JULY2021—Enter this code the Fireworks Modifier

  2. July42020—Enter this code to claim the Fireworks Skin

  3. Easter2022—Enter this code to claim the Maoi Sticker

  4. TEAMUP—Enter this code to claim the Team Up Sticker

  5. ENCORE—Enter this code to claim Stickers and Characters

  6. crispytyph—Enter this code to claim Typh Hazel Stickers

  7. SPOOKTACULAR—Enter this code to laim Free Bat Boy Skin and Smiley Face Sticker 

  8. ENEMYPETS—Enter this code to claim Spider Stickers

  9. ODDPORT—Enter this code to claim Free Skin and Stickers

  10. THSTICKER—Enter this code to claim Free Stickers

  11. 2020VISION—Enter this code to claim Free Streamer Skin

  12. CubeCavern—Enter this code to claim Free Wiz SCC Skin

  13. HEROESXBOX—Enter this code to claim Free Xbox Skin

  14. PixelBit—Enter this code to claim 20 Coins

  15. PVPUPDATE—Enter this code to claim Modifier 

  16. Valentine2022—Enter this code to claim Angel Slime skin

  17. COOPERATE - Enter this code to claim 3 Free Stickers 

  18. 4JULY2021 - Enter this code to claim Free Modifier 

Roblox: Tower Heroes

Roblox: How to Redeem Codes in Towers Heroes?

It's quite simple to redeem codes in Towers Heroes. All you have to do is launch the game and press the Roblox icon button on the left side of the screen. After that, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above and hit the redeem button to claim your free rewards!

Be sure to follow us, as we'll update you regularly and share all the active Tower Heroes codes to help you get free rewards. 

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