Roblox: Haze Piece Haki List, How to Unlock & Upgrade


Roblox: Haze Piece Haki List, How to Unlock & Upgrade

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Developed by Holy Developer Council, Haze Piece is a Roblox title based on the popular anime One Piece.
To become stronger, players need to unlock abilities. One of the most popular abilities is Haki.
Here's everything you need to know about Haki in Haze Piece and how to unlock and upgrade it.

Haze Piece is one of the most popular Roblox titles out there right now. Based on the popular anime One Piece, the game is full of pirates, and to become the strongest, you need a strong character.

Building a strong character from the original from the anime requires you to learn Haki, one of the special abilities you can use in combat. Here’s a list of all the Haze Piece Haki and how you can unlock them and upgrade to higher levels.

Roblox: Haze Piece Haki List

Haze Piece follows the original One-Piece anime in multiple ways, including abilities. As of now, there are three types of Haki for players to unlock, which can completely change your build – 

1. Observation Haki – This Haki allows players to use their internal energy to read their opponent’s moves. By using Observation Haki, you can easily dodge 3-5 times in a row; of course, this depends on the level of the ability.

2. Buso Haki – This Haki allows players to increase their damage output. You get a bonus of 5% to 7.5% for sword and combat damage. Using this, you can damage logia fruit players even if they’ve completely transformed. 

3. Conqueror's Haki – This Haki allows players to force weaker enemies to obey them. However, this ability is only available for very few players in Haze Piece.

Haze Piece

Roblox: How to Unlock & Upgrade Haki in Haze Piece?

It’s quite simple to unlock and upgrade Haki in Haze Piece. Here’s how you can unlock and upgrade all three Haki types –

Observation Haki 

Head to Marine Base spawn; here, you’ll encounter an NPC who will have an exclamation mark on top of their head. Once you talk with them, they let you purchase Observation Haki Level 1 for 150,000 Beli. You need to be at least level 600 to get Observation Haki.

After you’ve leveled up to level 1500, you can get Observation Haki Level 2. You need to head to Bubble Island again and find an NPC with an exclamation mark. This upgrade costs 200,000 Beli.

Buso Haki

You need to visit Old Man Silver, an NPC who can be found in Logue City. The NPC will sell you Busko Haki Level 1 for 100,00 Beli. You need to be at least level 350 to get Buso Haki.

In order to level up Busko Haki to level 2, you need to be level 1,150. After reaching the required level, head to Revolutionary Island, and you’ll find the Old Man Silver again. He will sell you Buso Haki Level 2 for 250,000 Beli.

Conqueror's Haki

Unlocking Conquerors Haki is a bit more complicated as compared to other Haki types in the game. As we’ve said before, only a few people can unlock it. It can only be unlocked for free by getting D-Clan Race. However, the chance of this drop is 0.1%, so it’s incredibly hard to do.

However, Conqueror's Haki can be purchased as a game pass for 2,999 Robux, a simple way if you don’t want to spend hours rerolling races.

That’s all the Haki in Haze Piece and how you can unlock and upgrade them. Be sure to follow us, as we’ll keep you posted on more Roblox news and guides.

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