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Racing Master

Racing Master: Pre-Register, Release Date & System Requirements Explained

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Developed by NetEase Games, Racing Master is an upcoming new racing simulator mobile game.
It is currently under regional beta testing, but players can sign themselves up for pre-registration on the official website.
Here is everything you need to know about Racing Master, from its release date to the system requirements.

Racing Master is a new addition to the longstanding queue of car racing simulations in the gaming world. Bringing a tinge of realism to mobile gaming, this car racing game is coming with a full-fledged storyline on the streets! Players are anticipating this mobile game and are getting ready to embark on this unique journey with the hottest wheels on the streets.

Racing Master features stylish licensed and customizable cars, real-world tracks to follow and an intriguing storyline. It is to be noted the game was first teased in 2021, and almost two years later, it seems like a release date is on the horizon.

Racing Master Release Date

While no official date has been announced for the release of Racing Master, we still have some idea about when it will be released. And worry not, the game is not that far away from a release. According to an X post (formerly Twitter) made by Racing Master, players can look for a release date in March 2024.

Racing Master Beta Testing Details

The game is currently under beta testing in select regions and it has been going on for a long time. The fourth closed beta testing, the latest one, took place in December 2023 in the USA. While many are looking forward to a global beta testing date, we don't have all the information about it yet. However, we can be sure that it will definitely take place globally soon.

However, till date, Racing Master has undergone three phases of closed beta. The previous one concluded on 20th October 2022 in Canada for Android users.

How To Pre-Register For Racing Master

While beta testing is not available for all at the moment, players can still go ahead and pre-register for the game. The steps to pre-register is extremely simple. All you have to do is head to the official website of Racing Master and register your details. Then, click on 'Pre-register now' and enter your email in the pop-up box. And you're done!

Keep an eye out for the game launching email and download it as soon as it comes!

Racing Master System Requirements

The system requirements for the game are also out so that you can make your judgement and adjust your devices. The following are the minimum system requirements needed for the game to be downloaded on your mobile:

  • Operating System: Android 7.0

  • System on Chip (SoC): Snapdragon 820+ CPU

  • Minimum RAM: 4GB

If you use an HD emulator, you can also play the game on PCs. However, the minimum storage requirement for a PC would be a hard disk space of more than 40 GB.

Racing Master has a stellar lineup of confirmed licensed car manufacturers in the game. It reportedly includes Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, and Koenigsegg, among others. Coming to the different game modes, Racing Master features an 'AFK' team management mode, story mode, and weekly opens where players will compete for a place on the leaderboard.

This is everything we know about Racing Master for now. Once more information is revealed, we will make sure to update this article.

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