Project Rene AKA The Sims 5 Leaked Gameplay Showcases Numerous Building Options


Project Rene AKA The Sims 5 Leaked Gameplay Showcases Numerous Building Options

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Project Rene will presumably feature a new level of customization, thanks to the addition of “accents” to various objects in the game.
The PC build of the game is called Project Rene and it reportedly features Denuvo DRM, while the mobile version is named Project Lotus.

Project Rene is expected to be the next entry into Electronic Arts’ well-known The Sims franchise, which has been running successfully since the year 2000. Following up on the map overview leak of Project Rene, the Dataminer who goes by @DzXAnt22, has showcased numerous elements including building modes, in-game menus, and numerous other customization options that are featured in the playtest build of the game. Without further ado, let’s delve into everything we know about it so far.

Project Rene’s Playtest Build Already Contains Tons of Customization Options

As mentioned by the Dataminer, the leaked playtest build of the game seems to be an Android version called Project Lotus. However, all aspects between the PC and Mobile versions are reportedly the same. The leaker is running the Android build through an emulator, as the PC build’s Denuvo DRM is impossible to tamper with.

As observed in previous entries in The Sims franchise, Project Rene will also contain a social menu where you can take a look at your friend list, add more players, save or load your game, etc. However, one major addition seems to be the “Multiplayer Session” menu, which remains unfinished as expected. 

We also get to see “Voice Options”, which contains a “Group Chat Volume” slider and a “Push to talk” option which is certainly welcomed, considering the nature of the game.

Additionally, this playtest build also encompasses numerous graphical presets that will presumably allow mobile players to tweak aspects like Shadows, View Distance, Anti-Aliasing, Post Processing, etc. This build also contains a basic tutorial explaining the basics of building and stacking “accents” on top of objects, which adds a layer of customization that is new to The Sims.

Essentially, players will be allowed to place “accent” objects on top of basic items like tables, chairs, walls, and more, to personalize their belongings and add a touch of authenticity to them. While this sounds enticing, many also raised concerns about how seamless it would be in the final version of the game, as there would be a colossal amount of objects in it.

The Dataminer showed us a basic overview of one area of the map, where players can access four different apartments, with three of them being fully furnished. However, there is no “live” option or any running character models, which is understandable considering that the playtest build is over a year old. In addition to this, we also got to see three 3 prototype models of NPCs, which look bizarre as they have no eyes.

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