Pokémon Sleep: All You Need to Know

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Pokémon Sleep is a sleep-tracking game that was released on 17th July, 2023.
The game is an extension of the Pokémon franchise that aims to make sleep tracking fun.
It records your sleeping habits and helps you categorize your sleep type.

The Pokémon universe has made another addition to its line of fun-filled games with the introduction of Pokémon Sleep. This quirky sleep-tracker was released last week and has already become a hit with Pokemaniacs. With its charming, storybook-esque visuals, the sleep tracker does more than just track sleep. The players receive a rundown of their sleep in the morning, the type of sleep they had, and an analysis based on the recordings that the app made. 

This application is an extension of the Pokémon franchise that aims to revolutionize sleep tracking. Healthy sleep is a crucial part of one’s well-being. Pokémon Sleep’s use of sleep analysis helps you understand your sleep cycle better.

Pokémon Sleep: Gameplay Explained

Pokémon Sleep is earning praise for its user-friendly interface and charming storybook visuals. This innovative app is designed to monitor your sleep patterns through your smartphone's accelerometer. It introduces a delightful sleep game that adds an element of excitement to your mornings. The primary goal is to incorporate sleep into the gaming experience, with different game aspects being affected by your actual sleep habits.

With exciting incentives and activities, the game encourages players to adopt healthy sleeping habits. This amalgamation of real life and the virtual world is an innovative approach to directing players to a better lifestyle. 

The game begins with research being conducted on the sleeping habits of Snorlax by Professor Neroli. You need to place your smartphone close to your pillow to track your sleep. The longer your sleep lasts, the more Pokémon will set up camp around Snorlax when you wake up. 

The game is not limited to just nighttime sleep. You can also engage with Snorlax during the day, feeding him berries and making food and drinks for him. This will impact your sleep score along with the amount of sleep you receive. Your sleep score combined with Snorlax’s Drowsy Power means more Pokémon will gather during your sleep. 

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